Business Rule Debugger

All Type Of Business Logic: Debug and Simulate All Business Rules and Logic Step–by-Step

An advanced business rules debugger allows you to step into every step of logic execution.

FlexRule Designer debugging capability allows you to simulate the execution of rules by providing data and it supports:

  1. Tree logic (procedural, validation…)
  2. Flow
  3. Decision Model and Notation (DMN)
  4. Decision Table
  5. Natural Language

You can provide data from a compiled sourcevisually with no code or from other rules to execute the business logic.

Business Rule Debugger - fr-debugger-notification

View Details of Execution: Parameters’ Value and Notification Messages are on Your Sight


InputOutput and Local Parameter’s value and type can be viewed on the screen. You also can expand them through the object hierarchy, view items on collection and check the details of execution context.

With this business rule debugger, nothing is hiden from your eyes to understand what is happening behind the scene.


Notification is a feedback mechanism from the rule execution which can be parameterised. Your business logic may send notification to the caller. In the debugger all those notifications with different types (i.e. InformationWarningError ) will be displayed on notification view.

Business Rule Debugger -fr-debugger-parameters

Start Debugging your Business Rules and Logic Visually Now!