Business Rules

Increase Business Agility by Empowering Domain Experts to Manage Business Rules

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business rules management

Business Rules Management System (BRMS)

Our advanced BRMS provides all the components of business rules management systems and more with a repository of business rules, versioning, multiple methods of modeling business rules, low-code and a business-friendly UI.

business rules authoring

Execution, Authoring and Integration

Integration business rule engine (BRE) in .NET Standard 2.0 or JavaScript applications. REST API integration is also available for other technologies. Web Widgets allow a rules authoring experience to be exposed via your application.

extensible business rules

Flexible and Extensible Business Rule

FlexRule's BRE supports backward and forward chaining. The BRE is flexible and can be extended using your own custom code. .NET assemblies can be referenced and custom types and members can be invoked.

KPI measure

Simulate, Monitor and Measure

Allow step-by-step live interaction with models by passing input and output parameters for simulation, debugging and analysis purposes. Enable your business to track and measure decision results based on KPIs.

Any Type of Business Rules: Visually Model Business Rules, Decisions, Calculation, Orchestration, Flow, Validation,…

Multiple Methods of Modeling

Business Rules can be modelled in different ways using Natural Language, a Decision Table or Tree/Sub-Tree.

Our business rule engine is powered by a business glossary and boxed expressions to define ubiquitous business language, terms and formulas.
Our low-code approach enables business analysts and domain experts to model business rules similar to the way they use Excel and Visio.

The simple and user friendly UX is powered by our advanced proprietary algorithm as well as industry standard algorithms such as RETE and Graph Theory to support inferencing for backward chaining and forward chaining.


JavaScript, .NET and REST API: Integrate InProc or as a Service: Authoring and Execution

Authoring and Execution Components

Our Business Rule Engine provides components to integrate the authoring experience of business rules with their execution.

Web Components in JavaScript enables authoring (i.e. create new, change, update, etc.) of business rules in a Decision Table or Natural Language within your application.

Our .NET SDK allows you to integrate the Business Rule Engine inside your .NET application (e.g. ASP.NET, MVC, WinForm, WPF, Web API, etc.).

FlexRule Server can deploy business rule execution and management ‘as-a-service' using REST API so that any platform (e.g. Ruby, PHP, Scala, etc.) can benefit from our Business Rule Engine.

Simulate and Run: Run and Debug Business Logic

Execution Simulation

Use the Advanced Business Rule Engine to run business logic and drill step-by-step into more detail to visually debug/simulate all types of business rules, calculations and logic.

Monitor the execution context and values by simply checking the effect of a business rule execution on your data or running what-if scenarios.

Use multilingual notification messages to make sure they are formatted in the correct language for the end-user.


Test and Validate Business Rules: Build and Execute Test Models for Business Logic

Quality Assurance

Model your test scenarios, test cases and expectations. Group them in different categories. There is no need for coding to build tests. Just drag-and-drop and assert expectations.

Execute tests to make sure your changes have not broken anything. The testing suite explains reasons for failure and success of your tests. With a single click, you can also test for conflicting and overlapping rules.

Adapt to changes with confidence. You don't need to test your entire application to ensure the quality of your business and rules logic.

Manage Multiple Versions: Maintain Change History and Run Multiple Versions of Logic Side-By-Side

Version Models and Online Services

Versioning is not a trivial task when it comes to business rules and logic. Our Business Rule Engine enables you to record and track changes to business logic models seamlessly. While modeling, our version control system allows you to keep track of all changes without even having to think about it.

In Production, Staging, Testing and other environments, you can run multiple versions of your business logic simultaneously. Switch to a different version of your logic service and pin a specific version down for different environments (e.g. production, staging, or testing).

Manage your environment and promote business logic into different environments with a just single click.

business logic execution

Execute, Monitor and Manage: Across your Enterprise, Cross Platform, Channel and Technology

Flexible Business Logic Platform

Expose your business logic as distributed services with a dynamic REST API interface for execution, monitoring, and management. You also have the option to integrate them in-process.

Increase logic execution throughput by spinning up more execution agents that host our Advanced Business Rule Engine. Use the responsive web interface to manage all your business logic and agents.

Build an SOA platform by taking advantage of a centralized, version-aware, secure, scalable and event-driven business logic repository and service. This enables execution, monitoring and management of business logic within your enterprise across different platforms and technologies.

The Ultimate Business Rule Engine: JavaScript, .NET and REST! On-Premise or Cloud.