Organizations run hundreds and thousands of business decisions on a daily basis. There are business decisions about eligibility, credit decisions, product configuration, health regimen, etc. These decisions are most likely to be managed by business group and domain experts in the operations team.

They change business decisions to create new experiments, test new products, comply with regulations, streamline business processes, increase customer engagement on the website, and so on. Therefore, these business decisions are frequently changing. So, the team must deploy them and make them available for consumption in applications, processes, and systems for internal and external users and customers.


As changes from the team come through to the central repository, a member of OPS or IT will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the quality and integrity of the changes are not degraded
  • Isolate and select required files for existing and new services
  • Deploy them as a REST API service to an environment

These steps are complex, time-consuming, and error-prone. They required almost a dedicated member to take care of the tasks constantly and deploy the new changes as an API, so they become available across applications, processes, and systems.

Automated Deployment of Business Decisions

The manual steps of running tests, packaging and deploying can be automated by creating the above steps into a CICD pipeline. However, the tasks related to those steps should still be scripted into the CICD pipeline.

Welcome to FlexRule CLI

FlexRule CLI is a new product that fully automates the deployment process. Enables your team to script the tasks for the deployment steps into any CICD pipeline like TeamCity, Azure DevOps, etc.


FlexRule CLI has multiple different commands enabling your team to configure the CICD based on the change process that you have in place.

For instance, the FlexRule CLI can publish from the project folder to create the deployment package and then can deploy the package to the supported cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud. Alternatively, it can deploy the package to FlexRule Server wherever you run on-prem or in the cloud.

FlexRule CLI enables your team to automate the full workflow of to deploying your decision automation project as a service with a single command line.

FlexRule CLI command line

Hence FlexRule Designer has a full integrated GIT capability, team members will push their changes with a single click and update the central GIT repository. Therefore, a typical workflow is like the below:

  • Cloning a GIT repository on a your computer or CICD server
  • [FlexRule CLI] Running the test cases to ensure the quality of models
  • [FlexRule CLI] Publishing the project to create a decision package
  • [FlexRule CLI] Deploying the package to an on-prem or a cloud serverless environment such as Azure Function, AWS Lambda, Google Function

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All the above steps can now be integrated into your CICD pipeline (TeamCity, Azure DevOps and etc.) using FlexRule CLI without any GUI, rather than running them manually from our authoring platform.

The Benefits

There are many benefits in automating the change process and allowing changes to fly through an automated process and be deployed as a REST API without any manual tasks.

  • It saves heaps of time and frustration from teams integrating changes into your infrastructure or the DigiOps team responsible for making the changes to your business decision models.
  • Reduces downtime (or go-to-market time) as the automated process can simply deploy the changes through different steps. Therefore, it minimizes the amount of time that someone requires to take care of complex change management tasks.
  • Ensures the quality of business decisions are not degraded as the CICD will execute the automated tests as part of the change management process. If any of the quality tests have failed, the members of the teams will be notified.

To learn more please visit our Resource Hub. You can download FlexRule CLI from your user portal today!

Last updated September 30th, 2022 at 04:43 pm Published September 29th, 2022 at 03:07 pm