Decision as a Service

Package, Deploy and Expose Decisions as a REST API Service with a Single Click!

Deploy Anything Anywhere

Deploy Business Decisions, Rules, Workflows, Data and Analytics Models on-premise or in the cloud. Scale as you grow. Deploy to Windows, Linux, VM, Docker Container, or as Serverless out-of-the-box.

Service Versioning

Service Versioning and Management

Create multiple versions of services and deploy them to run in parallel or switch between different versions based on a schedule.

Rest API Service

Configure and Automate

Configure FlexRule Server via REST API. Automate complete deployment, configuration and execution of nodes by calling REST API endpoints.

Role Based Access Control

Access Control Permissions

Control all actions and interactions using Role Based Access Control (RBAC). Define permissions for what users and applications are allowed to do.

How it Works: Manage and Execute Decisions-as-a-Service for your Client Apps

FlexRule Server is the state-of-the-art decision server that enables you to manage and execute decisions as a service (DaaS). You can simply deploy them on a centralized server and allow all platforms, technologies and devices to connect and execute to decisions via REST API endpoints.

  • Publish your project packages directly from FlexRule Designer.
  • Manage your services through the Workbench web-based app.
  • Add more Execution Agent nodes to scale up your operations.
  • Multiple Master nodes with a load balancer to avoid single point of failure.
  • Ability to deploy as a Docker Container or VM.

Cross Platform, Technology and Device
Multiple Deployment Options including Windows, Linux, Cloud and Serverless

Single Machine

FlexRule Simple Deployment

Install FlexRule Server and one Agent node on a single PC to get started.

Distributed Cloud or On-Prem

Distributed Cloud or On-Prem

Host FlexRule Server in the Azure Web App Service and run multiple FlexRule Agent nodes to scale up your operations.

Full Serverless

FlexRule Serverless Deployment

Run a completely serverless deployment in AWS that eliminates managing infrastructure and scales seamlessly.

A Responsive Web-based Administration and Monitoring Console

(A Responsive Web-based Administration and Monitoring Console)

Powerful Management: Manage Your Services and Take Full Control

Versioning & Environments

  • Manage and run multiple versions in parallel
  • Promote between environments (i.e. Dev, QA, Test, Prod, etc.)
  • Execute specific versions or schedule based on time
  • Track and monitor server using events about insights on performance
  • Manage environmental settings (e.g. database connection strings)

Security & Permissions

  • Authenticate using OAuth and JWT.
  • Permission control using role-based access control (RBAC) and ownership of scopes.
  • Custom Permission based on Human Tasks and within Workflows
  • Two types of Accounts for Applications and Users
  • Over 70 different actions can be controller based on roles

Advanced Decisioning Capabilities
Automate End-to-End Decision Cycle

adaptive control

Adaptive Control and
Decisions KPI

  • Store derived outcomes from Decision results
  • Switching between 2 or more Decision for:
    • Champion Challenger
    • A/B Testing
Distributed Jobs Scheduling

Distributed Jobs Scheduling

  • Schedule recurring jobs
  • Advanced CRON using a friendly User Interface
  • Distributed Tasks Execution
  • View the result and errors associated with an executed job

Workflows and Human Tasks

  • Manage and Execute Workflow models (long-running business transactions)
  • View the running Workflow Instances and their history
  • Allow multiple version of Workflows simultaneously
  • Control permissions of individual tasks with the Workflows

Single Click Deployment to Build a Decision-as-a-Service Platform.