Lead the Digital Insurance Transformation Using Decision-Centric Approach, Data and Analytics

Policy Renewal

Reduce the risk of losing repeat business and increase retention rates by combining historical data with prescriptive capability

Application and Claims Fraud

Eliminate the financial burden posed by the risk of fraud, and incorrect or incomplete application forms and claims


Use the power of data and analytics to accurately measure and mitigate risk


Minimise underwriting risks and convert prospects into customers faster

Rating / pricing

simplify the process of aggregating a vast spectrum of dynamic variables to offer customers the best possible price and product bundles, enable more effective commission calculations, and enable more efficient simulation and testing of pricing models

Claims Adjudication

Minimise the time and costs required for manual adjudication and realise the benefits of straight through processing to produce consistent results fast, while making the most of expert know-how in escalation scenarios by using long-running functionality

Customer Experience

Eliminate the risk of losing an opportunity by ensuring that customers no longer have to wait, and have multiple channels that allow for personalised customer journeys

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