FlexRule for Insurance

Create and Modify Business Rules Faster Across Systems and Business Processes Without Draining IT and Software Development Teams

FlexRule for Insurance

Create and Modify Business Rules Faster Across Systems and Business Processes Without Draining IT and Software Development Teams


Business Analyst


We are able to make new product implementation in days not weeks or months. So this is a dramatic difference. Or adjust to the market in a really, really short time, I mean hours.

Make Explainable, Transparent Business Decisions Across the Insurance Value Chain



Automating underwriting decisions enable organizations to; (a) ask the right questions at the right time, (b) identify accurate risk factors, (c) enable straight-through processing by applying automated underwriting business rules.



Streamline the claim process for faster, more accurate, and consistent claim adjudication, verification, and settlement. Save time, reduce errors, increase customer satisfaction, and improve key business metrics such claim ratio, full-time equivalents (FTE) and cost per claim (CPC).



Eligibility heavily relies on business rules span across various stages of the insurance lifecycle, from underwriting to claims, retention and customer service. It is a complex use case because of varieties of insurance products and plans, regulations and guidelines, and reliance on a multitude of factors and permutations.



Define, model, and execute consistent discount strategy across all channels based on different criteria such as risks, customer loyalty, vulnerable citizen scheme, channels, etc. without any need for changes in application code.

Pricing and Rating

Pricing & Rating

Ensure the correctness of pricing algorithms with respect to a profitable balance between risk and acceptance rate. Model, test, and deploy pricing algorithms without changing application code and relying on IT.


Policy Renewal

Automate steps of the process, eliminate manual tasks, and ensure pricing, discount, and underwriting rules are accurately and fully applied on the case at any stage.

Compliance and Audit

Compliance and Audit

Ensuring underwriting, pricing, and rating business rules are followed in all cases. Get a clear explainability and traceability of decisions' outcomes that ensure transparency for the regulators.

customer experience

Customer Experience

Improve customer experience by; (a) ensuring all required forms and documents are requested at the right time without multiple roundtrips (b) provide the right information and offering at the right time to the right customer on the right channel (c) ensuring consistency of results in quote requests, pricing, discount and underwriting across all channels.



Alternatives to Insurance’s legacy and point solutions
Learn about pros and cons of the alternatives.

Unified, Integrated, Simple

Why FlexRule for Insurance

Our unified and easy-to-use platform enables non-technical and technical users, domain experts, and operations to create, modify, debug, test and deploy decisions at scale without requiring any coding or programming skills.


whitepaper underwriting

Automate Insurance Underwriting without Draining it Resources


video underwriting

Calculation of the Eligibility score for Car insurance

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Webinar: Decision Intelligence for Insurance

Automated Decisions

Automated Decisions to Streamline Claim Process in Practice

Improving insurance

Improving Insurance Underwriting Without Draining IT

FlexRule has strengths in Decision Intelligence and Collaboration.
It stands out for its all-in-one decision and automation tools, capability to chain decisions together (“Decision Graphs”), create long-running decisions, where parts of decision logic allow for some other process to respond to a request asynchronously, and create semi-automated decisions, where human intervention may be necessary at any point.

Manage and Automate Your Insurance Business Decisions End-to-End

To speed up adapting to changes related to business decisions, leaders in Operations, Business, and IT need a better way to manage change.

FlexRule supports our Decision-Centric Approach®, a methodology that brings people, rules, data, and processes together to ensure organizations can consistently make optimized, customer-centric, and situation-aware business decisions while they meet the objectives on revenue, costs, and mitigating risks.

The platform brings Business Rules, Data, Machine Learning and Orchestration together to ensure you have frictionless experience managing and automating business decisions across the insurance value chain.

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quoteFlexRule far exceeds the industry competitors in all things decision making.
The main benefit is sharpening our time to market when introducing a new product or changing existing products.quote

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