End-to-End Decision Automation to Increase Business Agility

FlexRuleTM Advanced Decision Management Suite

End-to-End Decision Automation Platform to Increase Business Agility

FlexRuleTM Advanced Decision Management Suite.

Driving Business from Internal and External Perspective Involves Dealing with 3 Changing Areas

Market Dynamics

Constant pressure to provide highly personalised product and services. Complex configurations to provide new offering.

Policy and Regulations

Constantly changing regulation, policies and law that govern how organisations operate.

Data and Information

Massive amount of data in many forms and shapes require for business operation. Integration in and out with legacy and modern systems is a necessary.

Strike the Right Balance between IT and Business Control.

Changes in Operational Decisions are required across the board. They are scattered in business rules, processes, data and within new and legacy systems.

IT teams can be more effective taking care of systems, data and integrations without embedding Operational Decisions inside processes and applications.

Business should be empowered to manage the areas of the change related to regulations, policies and market dynamics with less reliance to IT.

Today’s technology don’t help End-to-End Operational Decisions Automation.
Therefore, they are buried inside Processes and Applications.

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Managing Operational Decisions Effectively and Efficiently
on FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite

Customer centric engagement using advanced decision management suite

Superior Customer-Centric Engagements

Offer highly optimized and personalized customer experience with mass personalization

faster time to market using advanced decision management suite

Faster Time to Market

Speed up months of turnaround time to 1 day and release new services on time

compliance using advanced decision management suite

Improved Agility and Compliance

Manage pressing laws, regulations and internal & external policies flexibly and make it efficiently, and reduce time by 96.7%

automated decisions using advanced decision management suite

Automated Decision-Making and Tasks

Straight-through processing eliminates human involvement in taking decisions within processes. Alternatively, it enables human intervention by domain experts based on the results of decisions, if necessary.

increased business agility using advanced decision management suite

Increased Business Efficiency

Increase productivity and reduce cost by 98%, and focus on customer experience for ever-changing demands & market requirements

business decisions using advanced decision management suite

Business Decision Alignment

Ensure your teams are working on projects that are correctly aligned with business decisions

streamlined change management using advanced decision management suite

Streamlined Change Management

Provide an independent life cycle for decisions and avoid delays in the new releases, while IT compiles a list of applications, systems, and processes requirements.

ai and machine learning, ML using advanced decision management suite

Breakdown of Sophisticated AI and Analytics

Break the problem down and solve it one piece at a time-consolidate, execute, and manage with accuracy creating a positive impact on business value.


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FlexRuleTM Advanced Decision Management Suite

Operational Decisions are scattered across many areas such as Process, Workflow, Business Rules to Data Analytics and Robotics. Therefore, striking the Right Balance of IT and Business control will require the support of, or augment into a more sophisticated architecture which enable organisations embrace changes effectively and efficiently.

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