Machine Learning

Integrated ML as part of Decision-Making Processes



Empower professionals and domain experts to build Machine Learning (ML) models with ease and limited knowledge about data science space.



Enable data scientists to bring their own algorithms and models and integrate the as part of the decision-making processes.

business rules mining

Rule Mining

Discover and extract business rules from a dataset. Create a explainable and transparent decision model from data rather then try to look into a black-box.

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Automated Machine Learning – AutoML: Machine Learning for Everyone

Machine Learning for Everyone!

Even domain experts and operations teams can now develop machine learning (ML) models. It’s now easier than you think: doesn’t require machine learning expertise.

FlexRule X enables you model, train, deploy and execute ML models specific to your business decisions requirements. Make your decision-making process inclusive of ML, rules, and data all together.

  • Connect to different databases including SQL and even custom databases and different files including Excel, XML, JSON, and text. Connect to the data sources on cloud or on-premise
  • Build prediction and classification ML models
  • Productionize ML models by integrating them into decision automation scenarios with a click

Bring Your Own Algorithm: Predicting Model Markup Language

Integrate Your Own ML Models

PMML or Predictive Model Markup Language is an open-source XML-based standard developed by the Data Mining Group (DMG) to represent predictive models. If I explain it further, you can write your algorithms in any language such as Python, R, or any other application, and then build the predictive model. After that, you can create its PMML version.

Why PMML is popular among many commercial and open-source platforms?

  1. Interoperability: It allows you to share and reuse your models across multiple applications. You do not need to fret about having to use a specific language or tool to create a model and then connect it with your applications.
  2. Available offline: Since it is a single XML file, there is no need for any web interface to connect the models. Instead, you can use the file offline.

Business Rules Mining: Discover the Business Rules from Data

Rule-Based Decisioning Instead of ML for Explainability and Compliance

Continuous improvements and decisioning require putting business rules at the forefront of decision-making processes to ensure quality control and compliance. Although data being important in decisioning, utilizing data-driven decisions in automation often neglects business rules risking the quality of decisions.

Now, imagine if you could derive business rules from your data, especially when you don’t know the business rules, and make them a part of this continuous improvement and decisioning process.

  • Connect to the data, analyze, extract, and understand business rules from any operational databases and systems
  • Build decision models like decision table and fact concept directly from the data
  • Implement continuous improvement and decisioning processes by putting rule discovery into your continuous integration and delivery pipeline
Continuous decisioning cycle

Analytics: It’s Not All About Dashboard!

All Levels of Analytics

By simply utilizing the Data Integration capabilities you can achieve Descriptive and Diagnostics analytics. FlexRule also provides a Predictive Analytics module that allows you to build predictive models visually using just drag-and-drop.

With the combination of the Predictive Analytics module and our Business Rules and Decisions Management capability you can create a Prescriptive model that provides recommendations on the upcoming predicted situations.

All of that in conjunction with Process Automation, allows a full cycle of automation and creates a reactive cycle that takes actions and involves humans at the right time when necessary, rather than the information just sitting on a dashboard.

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