MinterEllison: Driving Intelligent Automation with Decision Robotics

Matter management

MinterEllison is a multinational law firm that provides clients with integrated and innovation solutions.  We have offices in Australia, Asia and the UK where teams are advising a diverse range of clients, across industry from include public and private companies, government to multinationals.

The first time this RPA solution brought a smile to my face was in the first week of implementation when we got a lovely email from the Partner and her team who are running this work with a client saying that it's really changed the way they have delivered and they couldn't work without it now.
Gary Adler
Chief Digital Officer, MinterEllison

The Business Problem

With the latest disruptions and clients’ expectations in the legal industry, MinterEllison placed a high priority on innovation to stay ahead and be more efficient, effective, and productive.

MinterEllison manages thousands of legal matters every day enabled by standardized TaskFlow and web-based legal matter management solution. However, there were a few key challenges for both clients and lawyers, including:

  • Clients seeking real-time access to case information and updates on their legal matter within their own systems and needing MinterEllison’s help in providing easy access to over a thousand matters, categorised – effectively and efficiently.
  • Lawyers and administrators required to upload a copy of all correspondence and documents within the clients own systems so they were available immediately through their secure portal

The Solution

With FlexRule's Decision Robotics (Decision-Centric RPA), MinterEllison utilises intelligent automation of legal matter management and operational processes empowering both lawyers and clients by:

  • Using FlexRule’s Decision Robotics, a bot with its MinterEllison account monitors emails and matter management system, and updates the client portal based on prompts it receives.
  • Seamlessly providing accurate, up-to-date, and real-time information whenever their clients search their matters.


This has resulted in huge time and cost savings through managing an additional web portal to upload correspondence, documents, and invoices.


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automated to the
client system


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Over 60,000 minutes
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