Advanced Decision Management Suite Technology

End-to-End Operational Decision Automation


Robotics, Business Process, Workflow, Human Tasks…

Decision-Centric Orchestration and Process Automation

Orchestration delivers the context and end-to-end decision automation, flow of activities, data points, tasks, work items, etc. They are a big part of end-to-end decision automation which they include and embed Operational Decisions execution as well. Using Decision-Centric Orchestration and Process Automation reorients processes around Operational Decisions.

Process Flow

Orchestrate everything around Operational Decisions and create the relevant context. Model and Execute any dynamic and customised steps and actions.

Decision Robotics

Automate Forms and User Interfaces the way human work with applications to take a decision, or update the decisions on a system.


Automate and execute Long Running business process and human interactions whilst Operational Decisions are still the heart of organisations.

Business Rules and Decisions Management

Dynamic, Hierarchical, Traceable Business Decisions

Managing Operational Decisions Explicitly

Successful businesses know which decisions to make and when. Operational Decisions must have consistent, transparent results while they are situation-aware, customer-centric and easy to change. FlexRule provides the ability to handle the complexity of today’s decision-making world.

Model Business Decisions

Model and manage decisions and their relationships explicitly. Separate Decisions from Business Rules, Analytics and other forms of decision logic.

Manage Business Rules

Model dynamic business rules using multiple methods (i.e. Decision Table, Natural Language and Tree-Subtree). Advanced execution algorithms enables both forward chaining and backward chaining.

Multiple Environment

An advanced Business Rule Engine that supports execution of rules in .Net and JavaScript natively. Also can be deployed as a REST API using VM, Container and Serverless.

Integrated Data and Analytics

ETL, Virtualization, Validation and Analytics

Put the Data and Analytics into Action!

With data is being created faster than ever, it has never been more fragmented. As organisations seek to be more customer centric they are finding their data locked away in disparate systems and applications. FlexRule’s Data Integration capability solves below use cases.

Load, Validate, Transform and Consume

Connect to different data source and Extract, Transform and Load data. Build a dynamic, single view from multiple data sources then consume directly or expose them as a REST API end point.

Standard Data Exchange

Create a standard data exchange and validation rules across based on different scenarios. Build a dynamic validation, filter and criteria using for Operational Decisions.


Use visualise or expression query language and execute against multiple data source for descriptive and diagnostic analytics. Integrate and execute your ML and predictive models as part of Operational Decisions.

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