Decision Robotics

RPA, but Smarter.
Build a Robot that Can Actually Make Decisions

error reduction

Error Reduction

Manual tasks are error-prone. Repeating them increases the probability of inaccuracies and decreases expected quality. Automating tasks can improve error rates significantly.

faster service

Faster Service

Utilizing RPA in repetitive tasks reduces completion time which ensures faster service to the end-user. Robots do the job faster and they don’t need to rest.


Increased Productivity

Employees will have less tedious tasks to do and will have more time to focus on what they are paid to do in their area of expertise.

cost reduction

Cost Reduction

Implementing robotics will reduce the operational costs in your organisation through increased productivity, quality and accuracy.

Interview with CDO of Minter Ellison

Watch how Minter Ellison is driving Intelligent Automation with Decision Robotics

Matter management

What Can a Robot do? Build a Robot that Can Actually Work

What Can Traditional Robotics Automate?

Not all systems provide modern service endpoints or data integration capabilities. With robots mimicking human actions such as connecting to systems, logging in, filling forms, extracting data, and moving files it becomes possible to integrate all legacy systems into your process automation.

Major Human Repetitive Tasks

  • Fill in Forms
  • Log in
  • Open/Send Emails and Attachments
  • Scrape a Website
  • Make Calculations
  • Extract Data from Files
  • Read from and Write to Databases
  • Connect to Systems and Applications
  • Post to Social Networking Sites
  • Move Files and Folders
RPA features

OCR in Process Automation

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry and Welcome Automation and Accuracy!

Now you extract accurate data by transforming textual images and material into digital text. You can use OCR as a part of the flow and use the extracted data for making decisions.

FlexRule OCR extends Google Tesseract, an OCR library with higher accuracy, performance, and compatibility –

  • Ensures 99.8-100% accuracy as it uses machine learning
  • Supports various types of image file formats such as PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Supports low-resolution images processing with high accuracy
  • Transfers image to searchable PDF in seconds
  • Advanced inspections of paragraphs, lines, words, characters, etc.
  • Retrieves customized output omitting backlisted characters

Decision Robotics: Decision-Centric Robotics can Adapt to Changes more Effectively and Efficiently

Making Robots More Effective

Static robots are good but not that effective. Robots should make decisions and follow business rules if they want to work in a dynamic environment. Our technology enables your robots to become more effective and engaged with processes.

  • Business Rules and Decisions: Build flexible and dynamic robots that can handle hundreds of thousands of exceptions and conditions. Build robots with scalability and maintainability in mind.
  • Predictive Analytics: Help bots make better decisions by giving them the ability to access multiple data sources, look at them in a single view and predict the future of how to process and what to process as they get trained to be smarter by doing their job day after day.
  • Long-running Workflows: Build complex processes and workflow automations. Long-running workflows might take weeks or months to complete and they require input from both humans and robots to complete tasks.
Making Robots More Effective

Create Robots that Can Deliver Business Values and Take Decisions.