Process Orchestration and Automation

Orchestrate the end-to-end process including Human Workflow, Business Decisions and Rules, Data and Analytics, Robotics…

Low-Code Platform

FlexRule’s low-code platform allows models to be built with simple drag and drop, and can be configured with point-and-click methods. Yet when needed, advanced expression language can be easily utilised to express complex behaviour.

Visual Debugger

Allow step-by-step live interaction with models by passing input and output parameters for simulation, debugging and analysis purposes. Step-in and Drill-Down to results to understand the reason behind it in a live environment.

End to End

Business Processes are complex when we consider end-to-end yet, with FlexRule, they can simply be broken down to multiple smaller pieces i.e. Sub-Process that can address very targeted responsibility.


Orchestration allows you to pull everything together, from Business Decisions, Rules, to Data Analytics and Processes. This enables you to create a master orchestration model that connects whatever is needed to implement complex scenarios.

Process Flow Orchestrator

Visually Drag-and-Drop all Steps of the Business Process

Model and Execute the End-to-End Process

Using the Process Flow Orchestrator you can model all of the steps of your process. Any step can be part of the model:

  • Access Files and Folders (local or server).
  • Retrieve data from different databases.
  • Call services using REST or SOAP.
  • Send notifications and create tasks.

Model and execute CalculationsConditionsDecision PointsLoops and Iterations without needing programming skills using our unique graphical user interface.

Create custom tasks and actions. Process and route dynamically.


Long Running Workflow – Human Interaction

Task Assignment, Escalation and Collaboration


Workflows take Months to Complete!

Workflows are not just any process flow! They may take weeks and even months to complete. They will have multiple Actors (i.e. Participants) working and collaborating together to complete just one step (e.g. Task) in the process. A task might have an owner and manager for escalation purposes or in order to be timed-out!

Out of the box, FlexRule Workflow Engine supports all of that and more. Tasks can be assigned sequentially or in parallel to individuals or groups of actors at runtime.

Simulate, Debug, Test and Deploy

Visually Step Into the Process!

Step through and Build with Confidence

Our advanced Visual Process Designer allows you to simply use drag-and-drop to build your business processes without requiring any programming skills. Above all, it allows you to execute and step into different tasks, activities in the process and also inspect different values and outcomes.

Data composer and data feed providers allow you to build your sample data using ExcelDatabasesFilesJSON and more in order to simulate your business process model at runtime.

Finally, you can deploy your models with a single click and turn them into a REST API, which makes your business process model the single source of truth within your organization.


Full Business Processes Automation: Process Flow Orchestration, Workflows and Robotics