Operational Business Decisions

Not a day goes by without hundreds and thousands of operational decisions being made in every business.

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full decision cycle

Support Full Operational Decision Cycle

End-to-End Decision Automation is more than just analytics and business rules. FlexRule enables long-running decisions, orchestration management, data preparation, and consumption of operational decisions.

measure decision outcomes

Simulate, Monitor and Measure

Allow step-by-step live interaction with models by passing input and output parameters for simulation, debugging and analysis purposes. Enable your business to track and measure decision results based on their KPIs.

decision model

Knowledge based on Data and Business Rules

Choose from multiple methods to model business decisions. Manage and model Operational Decisions based on both business rules and data analytics. Integrate machine learning algorithms when needed.

business value

Enable Teams to Deliver Business Value

Enable your whole team to deliver business value. Streamline your DigtalOps operations. Allow developers, business users, and administrators to manage decision discovery, updating, testing, simulation and deployment.

Explicitly Manage Operational Decisions

Model, Decompose, Reuse, Analyse, Debug, Test, Run, Deploy, Monitor and Measure

Explicitly Manage Operational Decisions: Model, Decompose, Reuse, Analyse, Debug, Test, Run, Deploy, Monitor and Measure

Make Operational Decisions the First-Class Citizen

FlexRule provides advanced modeling for operational decisions. It supports the Decision Model and Notation DMN standard.

Modeling operations at the logical-level allows decomposing them into smaller components such as sub-decisions, business knowledge, input data and knowledge sources.

FlexRule's End-to-End Decision Management Suite provides Impact Analysis which highlights all the impacted decisions because of particular changes.

You simply orchestrate and execute the operational decision and execute them via decision as a service.

Fill custom document for each decision nodes

Document Decisions

Build and Fill custom attributes related to each decision and its elements (i.e. sub-decisions, business knowledge and etc.).

Create a document type, custom fields, and fill in the values to document your model. Then search for values right inside the model.

Model Decision Logic

Multiple Techniques in Modeling Decision Logic

Model Decision Logic: Multiple Techniques in Modeling Decision Logic

Decision Tables

Decision Tables are a powerful declarative method of modeling decision logic. It enables you to simply import existing Spreadsheet documents (e.g. Microsoft Excel, Google Doc…) and bring them to life!

You simply validate them with synthetic and semantic validation to identify errors, rule overlaps and conflicts at design time. They support standard and custom aggregation functions.

dmn decision table

Multiple Techniques

Decision logic can be computational, business rule driven or data driven.

If it is rule driven, the Decision Table as well as Natural Language and Tree-SubTree forms are available. If process driven, Workflow and Generic flow (such as flowchart) are available as well.

Data Driven decision logic can be executed using an analytics module and PMML.

Reusable Decisions and Decision Logic

Model Once and Reuse Across All Other Models.

Reusable Decisions and Decision Logic: Model Once and Reuse Across All Other Models.


Reusability is the core foundation of the decision-centric value proposition. We do not compromise on this.

The FlexRule platform empowers you to reuse decision models across all other models. The decision logic and calculation formulas such as Boxed Expressions can share reusable decision logic. Also, in our End-to-End Decision Management Suite, reusable Decision Requirement Diagrams (DRDs) can be created with Sub-DRDs.

A Sub-DRD allows sharing Existing DRD with other DRDs
Importing DMN models

Import DMN XML

Use your own DMN modeller and bring it to life.

FlexRule allows you to simply choose your DMN XML 1.1 file to import your model into our platform.

We support importing:

  • Decision Tables
  • Decision Requirement Diagrams
  • Boxed Expressions
  • Application Context Data and Invocations

Make Operational Decisions a First-Class Citizen of Your Organisation.