Decision Intelligence for Insurance

Reduce judgment noise by adopting Decision Intelligence to maximize business value

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Gartner predicted that “Decision Intelligence” will become the dominant trend in 2023, and more than 33% of organizations will be using Decision Intelligence.

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Decision Intelligence for Insurance

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Webinar Agenda

Insurance providers are in the business of decision-making. Most of their decisions (if not all of them) must be quick, accurate, consistent, and transparent (Quick ACT™ Decisions). Otherwise, the businesses become unprofitable, and customers become dissatisfied. Decisions can not be left at the mercy of algorithms and hope for the best.

To address this challenge, business decisions cannot be treated like an afterthought, and that’s the promise of decision intelligence.

In this webinar, we showed how insurance providers can use Decision Intelligence to take advantage of a wide range of decision-making techniques, bringing multiple traditional and advanced disciplines together.

The webinar covered:

  • The four factors contributing to the complexity of decision-making in insurance
  • How to mitigate risks associated to ‘noise’ and narrow-framing
  • Decision Intelligence thinking and framework
  • Demonstrate a real Decision Intelligence insurance project in action

The webinar concluded with a Q&A session so we invite all participants to come prepared with questions.

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Arash Aghlara FlexRule CEO
Our mission is to empower all the leaders; Business, Operation and IT in organizations to improve the speed and quality of key business decisions in changing environments.

Arash Aghlara
FlexRule Founder
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