Sked24 Optimizes and Transforms Patient-Healthcare Provider Interactions


Sked24 Optimizes and Transforms Patient-Healthcare Provider Interactions


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Sked24 is a cloud-based patient management and loyalty platform designed for any type of health care provider in the medical industry that uses the state-of-the-art technology to transform the patient-provider timely interaction into a long-term relationship.

We found FlexRule the best solution for the business rules to set a quick and well optimized scheduling process. This translates into a consistent and constant improvement that Sked24 solution brings to its customers.
Ralf Mark
CEO & Co-Founder, Sked24

The Business Problem

Sked24 helps medical providers manage multiple resources and optimize the usage of existing ones. From medical equipment to employees and patient scheduling, they ensure their customers are in full control of their facility and increase efficiency. Critical in this process of patient management, Sked24 needs to

  • Determine additional crucial information that customers will need during the booking process. For example, any special preparation a patient or physician would have to do before the medical service is delivered.
  • Help customers estimate maximum number of appointments that can be booked for a patient in different scenarios like channel restriction, specialty restriction, medical center restriction, service restriction.
  • Equip those physicians or services with information who have specific requirements for patients, such as insurer, a minimum or maximum age, gender etc. to record and begin the treatment.
  • Manage the resources unavailable for booking on every channel.
  • Provide the right medical offer to the right patient.

The Solution

Sked24 uses FlexRule's robust Advanced Decision Management Suite for multiple aspects of scheduling and resource time optimization processes. Now, they are able to

  • Model and execute a new, more precise rule selection logic to determine crucial details of appointment helping the medical providers to be well prepared for the patient examination and treatment.
  • Using the rule engine, determine if a patient has reached the maximum number of allowed appointments in a specific scenario.
  • Determine the available time slots to be displayed for a specific patient.
  • Using FlexRule's data analytics and business automation capability, exclude an unwanted channel when creating the available time slots for the resource in question.
  • Use the revenue optimization rule enabling administrators to apply a segmentation to the medical offer. Each segment defines a type of bookable time slots that can be activated and deactivated based on multiple factors like date, insurance, payment.

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