From Interactive Data Exploration to Automated Business Rules for Operation Teams

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Load Data from Any Data Source

Connect to your operational databases, systems, and even online services, applications, and flat files with our extensive data integration connectors.

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Build Data Queries Visually

Create a SQL query visually, with only knowledge of your data, not the skills of query writing. Building the query for data made it simple with Visual Query Builder!

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Explore, Analyze and Visualize Your Data

Booklet empowers you to easily accomplish advanced data analysis by building and managing data rules, filters, and other data operations, as well as interactive pages of simple and advanced charts.

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Create And Deploy Business Rules

Then you can use all the data rules, filters, and data annotations to create and automate rule-driven business decisions. Translate them directly to execution business rules and decisions with one click.


Visual Query Builder: Building SQL Queries Visually with No Coding Skills

Democratizing SQL Query Building!

The Visual Query Builder enables non-technical people such as operation and business leaders to access data and build queries visually with ease. With this visual user interface, you can construct SQL queries with simple drag and drop. The Visual Query Builder understands the structures of your Tables, Views, and their relationships. You simply select the field you need, which builds the query for you. The Visual Query Builder supports:

  • Table and Views
  • Relations and Joins
  • Query parameters
  • Filters
  • Preview of Results

Dynamic Queries

The Visual Query Builder enables non-technical people to not only compose the SQL query visually but also enables them to write complex Filtering criteria and parameters with ease. The filters can use SQL comparison operators and built-in data functions.

Once the query is composed and the filter is ready, with a single click, the Data Preview screen can show sample data that will be retrieved to ensure everything is composed and configured as expected.

Data filter
Data Analysis

Data Analysis

This easy-to-use, advanced Data Viewer enables you to simply start analyzing your dataset, inspect, and make sense of the collected data visually with –

  • Multi-Level Columns Group
  • Sort
  • Search
  • Filter on Columns' values
  • Advanced filters based on Rules
  • Highlight based on Rules
  • Manipulate and Fix data
  • Group and Footer summary based on aggregate functions (e.g. Count, Min, Max, Average)
  • Clone a View in multiple Windows
  • Support Missing Values
  • Export to Excel, CSV, and JSON

Build and Manage Data Rules

Rules for Filters, Highlights, and Flags

An easy-to-use rules builder for data allows non-technical people to write rules against the data in a guided manner. The Data Rules composer looks up appropriate operator values and enables the end-user to compose simple or composite conditions with boolean operators such as And, Or Not and etc.

You can save and manage these Data Rules. and then use them for various purposes such as:

  • Filtering data
  • Building Custom Column
  • Applying on Interactive Charts
  • Conditional coloring of rows and cells
  • Flagging a record
Interactive Data Visualizations

Interactive Data Visualizations

Apply Rules & Filters, Zoom In & Out, Click, Drill-Down

The Booklet allows you to build interactive charts based on your data to visualize data from different angles. You can have multiple pages which each have many chart widgets.

Charts are configurable and customizable Legends, Colors, Axes, Columns, Titles, and so on. The booklet allows you to wide range of simple, financial and complex charts including but not limited to:

  • Pie
  • Funnel
  • Bar
  • Doughnut
  • Point
  • Bubble
  • Line
  • Spline
  • Step Line
  • Scatter Line

Also supports more advanced charts to analyze the dataset such as:

  • Heatmap
  • Unique value count
  • Frequency count

Start with Data and Translate it to Business Rules – Frictionless!