Great news! With FlexRule's Decision Graph Web Component, now you can create Decision Requirement Diagrams (DRD) on the web.

In a few previous posts, since we talked about FlexRule Server which allows managing and executing business rules and accesses them via REST API, with this post, we are introducing you to the visual Decision Requirement Diagram editor. The main difference is, that you can use this Decision Graph web component in your web application directly and enable defining decision hierarchy connecting logic documents containing business rules in both freestyle and guided mode.

decision graph web component

An Interactive and Easier Way to Create a DRD

Simply drag and drop the nodes from the toolbox to add components.

There is a list of items depending on the usage,

  • Decisions: Decisions as an outcome of logic documents or expressions
  • Business Knowledge: Supporting information to make decisions
  • Input/ Output Data: Data required to make decisions and outcome of the DRD
  • Knowledge Source: Sources used to make decisions
  • Sub DRD: Connect other DRDs

drag and drop decision graph

drag and drop decision graph








Define the hierarchy by connecting nodes.

You can update the properties of a node including logic document path, document type, display properties, etc.

Decision Graph Web Component API

  1. Load the Decision Requirement Diagrams to define the decision hierarchy.
  2. Allows you to add, delete or change
    1. Decisions
    2. Business Knowledge
    3. Input/ Output Data
    4. Knowledge Source
    5. Sub DRD
  3. Users can generate the Decision Requirement Diagram using the web user interface.
  4. Queries the Decision Requirement Diagram to list all the referenced logic documents.
  5. Queries the Decision Requirement Diagram to retrieve settings: Decision name, input/ output data, etc.


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This is just one of the few web components we provide. We also provide Decision Table Web Component which allows you to create Decision Tables interactively on a web user interface.

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