Business Rules Platform with JavaScript Rule Engine

Business Rules Platform with JavaScript Rule Engine

Business Rules Platform with JavaScript Rule Engine

JavaScript Rule Engine
Execute your business rules via JavaScript; In-Proc and Service Layer

JavaScript BRE: In-Proc Execution

Model your business rules in Decision Table or Natural Language to make them easier to understand with everyone.

Then you can execute them right within your JavaScript Platform. i.e. Web Browser, NodeJS…

This allows you to use the JavaScript BRE to execute your rules without any call back or round-trip to your server backend, you don’t degrade the user experience of your application and you can run the business rules offline.

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REST API SDK: Service Execution

Use the centralise business logic (rules, decisions…) service that allows you to have a reusable business logic repository as a single source of truth and execute them via REST API call.

Ready to use, JavaScript SDK for REST communication allows you simple and seamless integration into your JavaScript web application.

Or you have an option of calling the REST API End point directly using your own client.

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Decision Table Web Component

Create, Configure and Model Decision Tables on Web!

This Decision Table component is a business rule JavaScript engine that allows you to integrate business rule authoring experience into you JavaScript applications. Simply tell the component which element on your screen is the editor and that’s it! It transforms that element to a Decision Table editor.

This editor will take care of everything. Rich and customizable API to manage parameterspropertiesbusiness glossary

Change the orders of conditions, actions and rows in Business Rule JavaScript engine for execution.

Customise the look of it by applying your own CSS and generate the Decision Table by calling one function!

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Natural Language Web Component

Model and Write Natural Language Business Rules on Web!

The business rule JavaScript engine for Natural Language editor component allows your users write business rules the way they talk and aligned with what the domain expert expects, right from your web application!

The tokenised, colourful editor with advanced suggestion boxallows you to choose what you need from box. And breaks them in the colours so you can easily recognise and eyeball them.

On top of that, you can define your custom logic, pass parameters in and reuse the logic across your business rules.

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