mLeasing Increases Speed and Quality of Products Eligibility, Configuration, and Validation


mLeasing is one of the leading leasing companies in Poland that provides financing in the form of leasing, loan and services in the field of leasing and car fleet management (CFM).

In the past we needed three months to introduce new products, but after implementing FlexRule we shortened this to a couple of weeks….It will only be profitable for our company if the whole process is automated. The FlexRule engine will cover most of the sales and risk decisions in our leasing process…. FlexRule is a very intuitive product, not only for people that use and define the rules but also developers who are trying to integrate it with our systems.
Artur Lipski
IT Leader, mLeasing

The Business Problem

mLeasing faces constant pressure from market dynamics and heavy competition that added to the complexity in the new product implementations. In addition, due to the complexity, the average turnaround time was three months, costing them valuable market share and resulting in a significant investment in IT. These factors necessitated innovative technology to stay ahead of the curve.

They were challenged by different aspects:

  • High dependability on the development team every time they planned to introduce a new service line or change the parameters for a product for a particular type of customer
  • The need to transform old system architecture to respond to market and business changes much quicker and deliver products incorporating dozens of parameters that change frequently too.
  • The decision process requires a good knowledge of all possible scenarios that required them to implement all the complicated configurations, exceptions, exclusions, deviations, etc. into their system. This could be very confusing and difficult to manage for the users.
  • Automating the whole leasing process to manage even small transactions too.


  • Increased costs and wasted time in development and delivery of product
  • Loss of market share from inability to offer new forms of value to customers

The Solution

mLeasing uses FlexRule® Advanced Decision Management Suite to automate and manage changing business rules and decisions relating to leasing, sales, and risk identification. Now, they are able to –

  • Speed up the time-to-market to just a couple of weeks when introducing a new product and services or changing existing products incorporating all the necessary parameters and configurations.
  • Non-technical users like business analysts can also manage changes in business rules and decisions more effectively and adjust to market changes in really a short time, in fact even hours sometimes
  • Ensure compliance in the newly introduced new product and services


They have streamlined their leasing processes coupled with huge cost and time savings.

streamline business processes to improve time-to-delivery

Increased time-to

streamline business processes to reduce cost


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