FlexRule V8.1 Raises the Bar with Greater Reusability and Flexibility

March 13, 2020

FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite goes to the next level for the leaders to manage and execute decision services effectively and efficiently.

Melbourne, Australia – FlexRule releases the new version of FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite – Version 8.1. The new version of this powerful end-to-end operational decision automation platform simplifies managing complex decision services with greater reusability and flexibility. Now, complex automation programs can be worry-free and more seamless.

FlexRule is the only cool vendor recognised by Gartner in information Innovation for its capability of managing decisions explicitly and sitting at the apex of data and analytics initiatives in an organisation, bringing clear and unique understanding of operational decisions and its impact on business. In other words, with FlexRule, organisations fulfill the missing link of gaining more value, in fact, real business value from the use of the relevant data and analytics.

FlexRule V8.1 Raises the Bar with Greater Reusability and Flexibility

This is how the latest FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite Version offers reusability:

  • Inter-projects and Offline Decision Sharing
  • Now a decision can be reused from one package in another, not only by managing and executing Decisions-as-a-service (DAAS)#, but offline or direct execution of existing decisions without a service call. FlexRule enables sharing a decision across multiple applications, processes, and other decisions too.
  • Procedural and Reusable Decision Algorithms
  • This version comes with a wide range of boxed expressions like Literal, Native, and Function boxed expressions that can be reused over and over with operations and business users without worrying about the complexity of runtime expression bindings.

And, these new functionalities in this version offer flexibility:

  • Out-of-the-box support for Azure Storage and NoSQL Databases
  • Allows users to build ‘situation-aware’ decisions for different scenarios with out-of-the-box support for a new set of external data sources such as Azure CosmosDB, Blob Storage and Queue.
  • Managing Missing and Complex Data
  • This version is packed with the new abilities to deal with missing data and field of information and bulk data operations to manage complex and hierarchical data more intuitive.
  • Dynamic Routing to Decide the Next Best Action
  • It is enabled for boxed expressions to choose the right set of formulas and boxed expressions based on changing context at runtime, dynamically. This makes the orchestration logic simpler to understand and easier to maintain.

It doesn’t end there, this latest FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite brings many enhancements in user experience and usability such as export to excel, support for file attachment upload using REST API service, and online container generator for containerized deployment, making it an all-rounder in the industry.

The latest version of FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite is available for free trial at www.flexrule.com/downloads.

#FlexRule’s Decision-as-a-Service Platform is named an API innovation 2019, globally.

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FlexRule is a leading, global provider of an end-to-end decision automation platform. With a decision-centric approach, FlexRule’s end-to-end decision automation platform brings processes, data, people, and rules together that enables organisations to consistently make optimised, customer-centric, and situation-aware decisions whilst they achieve revenue, cost reduction and risk mitigation. To learn more visit www.flexrule.com.

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