Automating decision-making processes is not solely about business processes, business decisions, and guidelines (i.e., business rules). Decision Automation must entail all these different parts working together coherently and seamlessly. End-to-end decision automation is critical to achieving this.

Here's what our customer is saying (Piotr Sobczynski – Senior Business Analyst @mLeasing)

“The flexibility in creating rules, a lot of different functions and operators that enable to execute the most complicated conditions.”

We would like to discuss this in more detail in our upcoming workshop about how to deliver the perfect combination of rule-based decisioning, human workflow, machine learning, and decision robotics, and improve the quality and speed of your key business decisions. We would like to introduce you to the Next-Gen End-to-End Decision Automation.

Join our workshop The Next-Gen End-to-End Decision Automation Platform and to know all this and more. In this workshop, you will discover how to –

  • Maximize impact and business value by combining predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Learn how to build, integrate, and deploy ML models
  • Learn how to combine ML, business rules, workflow, and robotics
  • Automate and improve company-wide collaboration to improve decision making and reduce risk’

You will receive the link to join our workshop and all other details by email. If you can't make the broadcast? Register anyway, and you will be sent the recording to watch at your convenience.

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About the Speaker:
Arash Aghlara,
Founder of FlexRule and a decision automation expert who specializes in architecture, design, and implementation of operational decisions, business rules, and process automation.

Our mission is to empower all the leaders – business, technology, and operation leaders to improve speed and quality of key business decisions in any changing environments.

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