We are excited to announce the global availability of FlexRule v7. In this new version there are 4 major themes.

  • Human Workflow
  • JavaScript BRE
  • Fact Concepts
  • Internet Toolbox

Last but not least, there are many new capabilities that allow the manipulation and building of CSV documents, as well as native support for complex hierarchical values (e.g., JSON), etc. On top of that there are many enhancements, both big and small, in UX, Expression language, monadic operators and functions.

Human Workflow

When it comes to Process Robotics, it is always a big challenge to coordinate between machines (systems) and humans. That’s where FlexRule Advanced Human Workflow comes into the picture. This allows both modelling and assigning Tasks to participants sequentially or in parallel. You can define the interaction policies between participants (i.e., Vote, Majority Vote, Weighted Voting, First Response, Last Response, etc.) to ensure that the result of the assigned tasks to a group are aligned with your expectations.


Workflow can choose the list of Participants based on predefined or dynamic criteria from your own Databases or Directory Services such as Active Directory (AD). Of course, in FlexRule everything is flexible so that you can manage all aspects of it dynamically.

JavaScript BRE

The Age of the Internet demands thin client architecture, offline availability of logic, cross platform capability, and so on. For sure JavaScript plays a big role in this landscape. That’s why in version 7 we introduced a Business Rules Engine for JavaScript. This engine can run your business rules (i.e., Natural Language and Decision Table) on any JavaScript platform (i.e., NodeJS, Browser, Mobile and in offline mode). You simply build your business rules logic in Package them for JavaScript Platforms.


For example, you can use your business rules logic in Angular, React… and your application does not need to send requests to the server for processing as the result of every single user interaction. The result is you can guarantee a better user experience for your application.

Fact Concepts

FlexRule is all about executable, visual models that allow you to define business logic declaratively. With this new model, you can now define the concepts of your facts. This will ensure consistency across your logic and terms by descriptively defining the problem domains.

Fact Concept defines an abstraction level for the things that the Process Robotic and Decision Automation models are all about. In other words, the abstraction level for your problem domain.

Internet Toolbox

When it comes to Process Robotics and the automation of your business processes, you would expect there to be interaction with the outside world at some stage. That is the world outside of the automated process to deliver the outputs, send notifications, and so on. Internet Toolbox brings a set of capabilities into the process space to download and upload files to and from FTP, Website, and online storages, and sends out notifications and documents via email.

Feel free to download the latest version from http://download.flexrule.com

Last updated September 22nd, 2020 at 11:27 am, Published July 27th, 2017 at 11:27 am