Consumer behavior is changing by the day influencing their usage of social media platforms. For instance, currently, over 3.6 billion people (half of the world’s population) use social media, and it will increase to 4.41 billion in 2025. According to the Global Web Index, 32% of internet users are finding content, 27% finding products to purchase, 23% are seeing updates/content from favorite brands, 30% seeing what’s trending or being talked about; all on social media platforms.

Being able to reach such a large audience, organizations need to use the right social media strategy and tactics to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and research target audiences, which requires a customized and efficient way to automate social media marketing strategy.

Impact on Organizations' Social Media Performance

Undoubtedly, many companies have succeeded in leveraging social media to the fullest and providing a great experience for consumers.

Social media’s contribution to the company performance spiked…, with a 23.5% increase from February 2020.
Deloitte Study,  August 2020

However, despite all the benefits of social media marketing, some companies face downfalls too. On average, paid advertising campaigns on social media have a -50% ROI, and 85% of businesses fail within the first five years.

A survey of 200 business owners and enterprise CEOs on social media marketing reports,

  • 25% said that social media marketing is more exhausting than scaling Mt. Everest.
  • 19% said that social media is an enormous waste of time.
  • 28% said that social media marketing costs more than it’s worth.

For example, one of the major issues is that there are many concerns such as targeting the right audience with the right content at the right time when it comes to posting your content. As a part of building a social media strategy, deciding what should be posted is critical.

Proving the importance of social media posts, the following image shows that 83% of people believe that social media post scheduling should be automated.

Digital Marketing elements for automation

According to The Manifest, the biggest challenge is that there are not enough human and financial resources. The next biggest issue is that there is no formal strategy that includes the right content, and the right time. All these issues can be treated using social media automation.

social media challenges

However, the companies that use social media automation show a significant increase in their ROI.

  • 32% of businesses see increased revenue after 12 months of using automation tools.
  • 77% see conversions increase.

Let's look at a scenario where you can implement social media automation effectively and efficiently.

Automating Content Posting on Social Media

With FlexRule's decision automation platform, we have created the following example to demonstrate how you can automate the process of posting content on Social Media.

A social media marketing professional or digital marketing professional of your organization can list the content in an Excel sheet as follows. It is a simple sheet with the content, image ID, and post ID (Once the content is posted the sheet will be automatically updated with the rest of the information).


After that, a Decision Table is created to define which content should be posted on which day/ time. This will be used to automate the time to post.

Decision table to automate the time to post

Finally, in a Flow, you can define the sequence of deciding what to post and when to post.

Flow deciding the post and time

If you use multiple social media platforms in your company, all of them can be connected and automated.

multi social media platform automation

In this process, there will be no need to manually decide and post. The posts will be picked automatically from the Excel sheet, post and updated back in the Excel sheet with their status.

Why a Decision Automation Platform for Social Media Automation?

All in all, with a decision automation platform that enables social media automation, you will be fully equipped to

  • Build and manage your entire social media plan in a measured way, based on consumer preferences and social media trends
  • Keep a close tab on your social content and get a clear understanding of the performance of your content
  • Connect with your customers with the highly relevant content at the right time establishing a better brand resonance and equity

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With the increase in the usage of social media, social media has become a leading marketing channel. But deciding which content to post, and when to post takes a considerable amount of time for your marketing team which is not sustainable in the long run. Social media automation not only helps to take the time-consuming tasks from your duties but gives you a detailed overview of how your content is being consumed and how successful it is – you can monitor, measure, manage and automate the social media publishing process, end-to-end. You can reach a more valuable audience by utilizing the power of social media automation while aligning marketing goals and offer a better consumer experience too.

Last updated April 15th, 2021 at 04:14 pm, Published April 8th, 2021 at 04:14 pm