I am happy to announce that we have released new version (1.6.0) of our business rule engine framework. As you may have read previously we have a big change list on this release and most importantly not we improved the rule execution performance but also we introduce some new features and usability enhancements.

  1. Performance improvement on execution of rules
  2. More robust pattern to load types and assemblies
  3. Evaluation execution plan (ICompiledExpression)
  4. New ExecutorSetupInformation type to handle execution level configurations
  5. More advanced ActiveElement life-cycle
  6. Ability to inject a new context in procedural engine (reuse a Procedure)
  7. RuleSet features to group and access ModelContainers during rule execution
  8. Using RuleSet address for RuleFlow, CallProc and Include commands
  9. Advanced tracing options available in application config level
  10. Extendable trace output formatter
  11. Real-time trace viewer
  12. FlexRule Shell “del” global command
  13. FlexRule Shell batch file feature (“run” command”)
  14. FlexRule Shell package builder more extended commands

Hope you enjoy it.

Last updated September 22nd, 2020 at 11:37 am, Published April 12th, 2012 at 11:37 am