Microsoft Ignite Gold Coast

We knew we were in for a “techo” conference anyway, but this was confirmed when during the keynote addressed Visual Studio was fired up and we were taught how to code!

The next four days turned out to be full of great conversations with Enterprise Architects, Senior Developers and Business Analysts. On the FlexRule stand we had put images of FlexRule in action with graphics for Process Robotics, Decision Automation and Intelligent Reporting.



This proved to be a very useful aid to show FlexRule in action and to discuss customer requirements and how they could be met using FlexRule. One Enterprise Architect described FlexRule Designer as Visio on top of Visual Studio. We liked that description so much we have been using it ever since, thanks!

What was interesting about the people we met at the FlexRule booth was that they were the practitioners inside their organisations that made things happen. Therefore, the conversations were very much around how FlexRule can achieve the outcomes the customers are needing and much less of the marketing buzzwords. This works just fine for us at FlexRule as we are about getting stuff done!

See you next year!

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Sydney

It was a great two days at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit. Two messages from Gartner presentations; Data Connections and Decision Automation, aligned very nicely with FlexRule’s capabilities.



Data Connections

Instead of trying to corral all your data into the one Data Lake, Pond or Ocean the latest approach is to connect to the data where it resides.
FlexRule’s ability to connect to any data source, read any data format (that’s our claim, which is yet to be proven wrong) and to perform data operations in memory using Monadic operators, makes this a reality. Data can be used horizontally across the organisation and delivered where it is needed, in the required state.

Not only does this enable fast processing times, removes duplications, ensures data quality but also ensures privacy controls because data is only ever in transit and not written back to rest.

Decision Automation

Decision Automation was one of the main reasons why we were at a Data & Analytics Summit when we currently don’t do Dashboards or Analytics.
We used the following story to explain why you need Decision Automation. Using Data Analytics, we can predict that 50 customers are likely to defect, and our end of month Dashboard confirms that we were right, those 50 customers defected. Great!, well maybe not. Thinking about this outcome, we might have wanted to do something in-between the detection and the defection. That is where Decision Automation comes in.

FlexRule’s can put into action the learnings from the Data Analytics, run the algorithms against the operational data and send off alerts, tasks and notifications. Now instead of waiting until customers defect FlexRule’s workflow can trigger actions like creating tasks for the contact centre or account teams to proactively engage with the customers.

Over the two days we had many customer conversations with a lot of requested follow up. It also helped that we were next to the coffee stand!

If the two messages from Gartner, Data Connection and Decision Automation, resonates with you please drop us an email to learn how we can help.

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