Is Your CRM Never Up To Date?

Sales Reps never keep the CRM system up to date, right? Right!

Before we criticise the sales rep too much, have we ever tried to keep all of those opportunities up to date? First, we must know which ones to update, then we need to go into each one separately in order to move the sales stage, up the probability percentage, or change the expected close date. It is very, very, very, very, time consuming. Did we mention it is time consuming?Intelligent CRM Salesforce

In fact, to keep everything up to date you must be good at admin, which is typically the antithesis of being a good sales person. It is not usually a question that is asked in the job interview. “I can see you are good at sales, but how is your admin?”

By the way, another week has passed and it is time to update the CRM again. Ughhhhhhh!!!!!

The answer, of course, is to start playing games with the data. Make sure the expected close date is so far out it won't need updating for a while, or put in an earlier sales stage so there are less management questions. Now can you see why the CRM data is never accurate?

What if we can change all that, and while we are at it help the Sales Rep with information about how each opportunity is tracking? Information like customer satisfaction, activity level, help desk ticket trends, and more.

Intelligent CRM

The video below demonstrates how FlexRule streamlines the process for the Sales Rep. We call this Intelligent CRM. Using Process Robotics and Data Connection & Composition, FlexRule collects data for the Sales Reps opportunities and applies business Logic and/or findings from data analytics to determine a customer Health Score.

Next, FlexRule uses Decision Automation to create the list of opportunities that need updating and makes recommendations for the Sales Rep, who can then either accept or edit the suggestions. Finally, with one click, the Sales Rep can update all of the opportunities in the CRM system and get back to their real job – like selling!

Now the CRM updates are made using consistent business logic and Sales Rep input. At the same time, everything is logged, which can then be fed back into the machine learning systems to continually improve the CRM data accuracy.

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At FlexRule, our Process Robotics, Decision Automation and Data Connection & Composition delivers intelligent, integrated, Business Processes. Intelligent CRM is just one example. Can you think of others for your organisation?


Last updated August 22nd, 2023 at 04:04 pm, Published September 4th, 2017 at 04:04 pm