Serendipity |noun| the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


First of all a big shout out to Gartner at this year’s Symposium Conference for putting up in lights the growing trend of “Process Robotics” and “Robotic Process Automation”.


Because at FlexRule this is what we do and when the top line on your stand reads “Process Robotics” the end result is many interested visitors. Of course, as the next two lines read we also do Decision Automation and Data Connection & Composition. This what differentiates us from other solutions. When we were asked who are our competitors we would say, “well for Process Robotics, it is so and so, for Decision Automation its these people and for Data Connection & Composition it is another group again”. At this point it dawns on them that FlexRule is the only one that has all three layers within the one platform. If you want to learn more please contact us at

Internally at FlexRule the big debate started when the marketing team took full credit to aligning the messaging on our stand with Gartner’s Analysts advice on adopting Process Robotics. The rest of was wondering whether it was more of just a case of serendipity?

Given the flack we all (yes, you included) give marketing we are letting them have this one. After all at FlexRule we believe we are following the advice of Ice Hockey Hall of Fame player Wayne Gretzky’s, “A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” Given the confirmation from the Gartner Analysts is confirming we are skating to the right places.

If we don’t hear from you sooner, and hopefully we do, see you next year at Gartner’s Data & Analytics Summit and Gartner Symposium

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