Gartner Symposium: first Gold Coast Australia, next Barcelona


Last week FlexRule exhibited at Gartner Symposium Gold Coast and was pleased with some heavy traffic to our stand. Over one hundred people stopped and talked with us about how we can use our Process, Data and Rules engine to connect, transform, enable their existing and new systems.

A CIO of a major global company came by saying, “I read your blurb and wanted to check what you can offer my company”. After a discussion of their needs and what FlexRule can offer he concluded, “Well, you are not what I thought you were, you are a whole lot more, let me take this to the business and we need to talk further.”

This was typical of many conversations we had. One attendee came to our stand three times, each time asking “and can you do this…”. The answer was always Yes! It was great to be able to connect with so many organizations and show them how FlexRule’s powerful Rules Engine, its strong Data Integration and Operational capability pulled together through our Process Engine makes for a powerful flexible solution.

I think that the best quote, often repeated, was, “but this is too good to be true”, to which we of course showed them how it is true.
Thanks Gartner for another great conference and next we are off to Barcelona Gartner Symposium so if you are coming please come and visit us at our booth, ET5.

Last updated October 10th, 2019 at 02:15 pm, Published October 31st, 2016 at 02:15 pm