Today is an exciting day for us – at FlexRule. It is a day that all the efforts we put in to establish a new market category since our inception are recognized.
Last night Gartner released a new research paper and officially framed the core capability of a new product category called “Decision Intelligence Platform”. Let’s have a look at Decision Intelligence defined by Gartner in detail and understand what it is, why it is important, and how this helps organizations.

Gartner sees seven main clusters of technologies contributing to this emerging new mark

decision intelligence by gartner

This is particularly interesting, because we always believed to enable organizations to make the right quality decisions at the right time, requires multiple technologies working together to make this happen. That is why our integrated approach breaks the silos of decision-making techniques and addresses the challenges of disconnected decisioning.

Now let’s have a look at the core required capabilities of the “Decision Intelligence Platform”.

Visual decision workflow VDW design

This is the ability to visually design decision flows. The decision flows might be either procedural or functional.

Orchestration capabilities

Should provide the ability to orchestrate humans and machines in a visual manner (utilizing the VDW design capability).

Decision flow execution

Ability to execute decision flows in real-time or batch. This can include humans and should provide stateful and persistent status.

Composite AI techniques

Ability to model knowledge using multiple techniques such as rules, optimization, machine learning (ML), NLP, and knowledge graphs.

Composability capabilities

Ability to componentize the various subtasks of the decision flow and encapsulate external capabilities.

Decision audit capabilities

Ability to monitor and audit decision lifecycles, capture exceptions and feedback and provide decisions traceability.

And of course, there are some other differentiating capabilities that different vendors may or may not have. You can read the full paper at Gartner.

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Our Thoughts on Decision Intelligence Platform

Although this is a very good effort to formally define a product category, we do appreciate the work Gartner is trying to do. However, I personally think there is a lack of required capabilities such as data flow modeling (e.g., Information requirement diagrams, monadic operators and etc.). Also, the need for Robotics capability that enables orchestration layer mimicking human interaction with systems.

FlexRule X, the latest version of our platform enables organizations to make quality decisions, fast! In a changing environment using multiple technologies.

FlexRule X provides a unified platform with integrated technologies for the technologies that are needed to make decisions. However, if for instance, you like, any of these pillars allow you to plug in your own technology for a specific purpose and bring everything to life using our Decision Graph technology. For example, you can use any data science platform and build your own AI/ML algorithm and bring that to the FlexRule X platform as part of a decision graph for making business decisions.

Nevertheless, we will continue pushing the boundaries of decision-making as we see fit to empower businesses to deal with the complexity and uncertainty of the future ensuring they can make quality decisions, fast!

Last updated April 3rd, 2023 at 11:44 am, Published March 17th, 2022 at 11:44 am