FlexRule is very pleased to announce that Apttus has selected our Process and Decision Automation platform to underpin their SaaS solution.

Apttus, the category-defining and leading Quote-to-Cash (QTC) software provider, is constantly improving its solutions to help its customers to deliver optimized quote-to-cash revenue operations.

After an extensive global search Apttus selected FlexRule’s Process and Decision Automation software to provide a rapid change platform for the Apttus Intelligent Cloud solution.

At Apttus we pride ourselves on our innovation. Therefore, it is only natural that we have chosen to partner with the leading innovator in Process and Decision Automation. In FlexRule we saw the same future thinking and partnering values that we at Apttus believe in which makes this such a great fit.

Kent Perkocha, Chief Customer Officer, Apttus

Being at the forefront of application software it is only natural that Apttus adopts the latest technologies to ensure their solutions are always world leading. FlexRule’s Process and Decision Automation provides a platform that delivers key capabilities;

  1. Each Apttus customer has unique configuration requirements for their products. FlexRule’s flexibility allows Apttus to quickly and easily create the decision automation flow for these configurations.
  2. FlexRule’s dynamic platform is ideally suited for a SaaS environment. Changes can be updated, and rolled back if required, with no downtime.
  3. The Apttus development team is now able to leverage FlexRule Process and Decision Automation to deploy new functionality faster while freeing up time to add more customer value in areas like User Experience.

This combination of capability means that Apptus can add new functionality rapidly to constantly improve the Apttus Intelligent Cloud solution.

An example of the benefits of the FlexRule solution is that in only three months Apttus have added additional functionality to their Intelligent Cloud solution which is being used by early adopter customers. This additional functionality provides extra benefits for Apttus’s customers.

At FlexRule we were very keen to form this partnership with Apttus. Having great technology is good start, but watching Apttus turn this into business value is what it is all about. We can only imagine what the team at Apttus will unleash with all of the FlexRule capability!

Rob Roe

At FlexRule we look forward to working with Apttus as they leverage FlexRule’s Process and Decision Automation technology to deliver even greater capability for their customers.

Last updated October 13th, 2021 at 03:10 pm, Published July 6th, 2017 at 03:10 pm