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Business Rule Designer and Decision Authoring Tool

Using our Designer lets you to model rules and logic visually.

When rules and logic become complex it is really hard to trace the execution using code of the model. Visually modeling the rules and logic is occasionally easier.

  • Drag & Drop

    Model different types of rules and logic visually as simple as drag and drop.

  • Validate

    Validate if the rules and logic is correct structurally.

  • Advanced Editing

    Use properties window, intellisense, variable editor, scope editor... to easier apply changes on the complex rules and logic.

  • Extend

    Simply extend the Designer behaviour and commands for your custom rules` commands and engines

Our business rule designer allows you to visually create, modify, and view rules. The designer will provide an advanced environment to work with rules. Our business rule designer provides advanced features such as:

  1. Rule structure validation
  2. Multiple editors based on the business rule type (i.e. table, tree, flow, DMN…)
  3. Rule project explorer
  4. Toolbox (to add different rule commands inside an editor using drag-and-drop)
  5. Message list (to show different kinds of messages, such as Log, Info, Error, and Warn, as you model and develop a rule)
  6. Properties window (to allow easier management of different properties of rule file, commands, and structure)
  7. Fully extensible, which allows you to develop GUI behaviour for your rule custom commands
  8. Import from Excel (Decision Table)
  9. Define readable DSL form on top
  10. Advanced Flow editor (RuleFlow, DecisionFlow, …) supporting: zoom in/out, Overview, Multiple connection types…
  11. Custom Attributes Manager
  12. Decision Model and Notation (DMN)
  13. Change Impact Analysis
  14. Rule Conflict Analysis
  15. Business Glossary

Business Rules and Decisions Editors

Table Editor

On Decision Table, the logic is presented in tabular format. You can import from excel and add as many conditions, actions and rules as required.


Natural Language Editor

In a natural language editor you can write rules in your own business domain language. You will be guided with popups and just point and click!


Flow Editor

If the logic is any Flow type (RuleFlow, DecisionFlow, WorkFlow…) the designer will provide a diagram modeling-based editor to present the logic. It provides an advanced capabilities like, Zoom In/Out, Overview, Multiple type of links,… And it is fully extensible allowing you to define your own custom commands, nodes and behaviours.


Decision Model and Notation

Build a high-level abstraction model of your decision using DMN. This supports building custom attributes and change impact analysis.


Tree Editor

When it comes to a procedural engine, the rule may contain different logic, control flow, and inference; the designer will provide a tree-based editor to present logic with full extensibility and drag and drop functionality to build up the tree.


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