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Decision Cycle – OODA


Today’s business cycles have sped up, our decision cycle must match!

In order to win we should operate at a faster tempo or rhythm or, better yet, operate inside adversary’s Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action [OODA] time cycle or loop.

Science, Strategy and War
The strategic theory of John Boyd
Frans P.B. Osinga

Colonel John Boyd’s competitive strategy, the OODA Loop (Observation-Orientation-Decision-Action), is taught and used throughout the military. Today, it has an equally important role to play in the business world. If we don’t execute our decision cycle at a faster tempo or rhythm than our competition, we will lose. If our industry is operating at the same, slow, decision cycle we will be disrupted.

This means we must be able to make faster, smarter decisions, which are continuously adapted to meet today’s demanding, changing business world. Complicating this is the challenge of the Smart Device, SaaS driven application explosion leading to operational data being spread far and wide.

So where are we today? In companies we find:
• Real time Dashboards provide Observations.
• Data Analytics assist with Orientation and algorithms for Decisions.
• But Action is missing in action.
• There is no overall approach connecting all four areas of the OODA Loop
Until now!

FlexRule provides the middleware OODA Loop platform to speed up your decision cycle, giving your organisation a competitive advantage to win in the market and to fight off disrupters.

FlexRule’s Process Robotics (Action), Decision Automation (Decide) and Data Connection & Composition (Observe-Orient) capabilities are used to build out the complete OODA Loop. These capabilities are enabled by FlexRule’s building blocks of Workflow, Process Engine, Rules Engine and Data Engine.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that FlexRule is being used for terrorist screening, anti-money laundering, industry disruption, audit platform, healthcare compliance and more. In some of these examples, having a decision cycle faster than the competition can literally mean life or death. Often FlexRule customers start implementing just one of the four stages of the OODA Loop, such as Decision Automation, and quickly realize there is much greater competitive advantage and business value to be gained by leveraging all of FlexRule’s platform capabilities.

Our customers have implemented their OODA Loop strategies to speed up their decision cycle and gain a very strong competitive position. The question is do we want this powerful advantage working for us, or against us?

Let’s finish with the words from Colonel John Boyd on what the strategy of his OODA loop does to the competition:

Operate inside the enemy’s OODA loops or get inside their mind-time-space-as a basis to penetrate the moral-mental-physical being of one’s adversaries in order to pull them apart and bring about their collapse.

Colonel John Boyd

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