Tester and Debugger

Deploy with Confidence and Quality

Check values, scopes, results in history and output window



Rules and Logic Tester is a plugin that extends Designer functionality. The Tester allows you to build a testing scenario and feed different set of data and assert on the expectations:

 Build a hierarchical test case
 Group testing scenarios into sections
 Assert on values or messaging expectations
 Run a selected set of tests and assertions
 View the test run result for either failed or successful test with details



Rules and Logic debugger is a plugin that extends Designer functionality. By configuring the Debugger to pick installed version of Runtime then Designer allows you to:

 Walk through all steps of rules and logic visually
 Highlights the current logic is begin executed by debugger
 Logs the execution of the rules and logic
 Shows all the parameters (Input, Output and Type) in the execution context
 Check notification and notices during execution of rules

Package and Deploy

Design your publish strategy, package your rules and deploy to different destination

Logic and Rule Publisher


Publish plugin is an extension on top of FlexRule Designer allowing you to:

 Design a publish for different environment e.g. Testing, Staging, Production
  Package different logic and rule for different scenarios
  Add folders and files into deployment package
  Build a deployment package (e.g. Folder hierarchy, Zip package, Xml Package…)
  Publish package to different target destination