Orchestrate the end-to-end process including Human Workflow, Business Decisions and Rules, Data and Analytics, Robotics…

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What is Orchestration?

Learn what the different types of orchestration are and why it’s important

End-to-end Orchestration

End to End Orchestration

Orchestration allows you to pull everything together, from Business Decisions, Rules, to Data Analytics and Processes. This enables you to create a master orchestration model that connects whatever is needed to implement complex scenarios.


AI Orchestration

Harness the power of AI technologies as part of your processes by integrating many AI components, advanced multilingual OCR and more.


Decision Robotics

Build and deploy smart agent robots can interact with systems and applications and mimic what human operators do. But more accurate and integrated with advanced decisioning and reasoning capabilities.

Long-Running Decisions

Long-Running Decisions

Supporting long running decision-making processes and workflows to add domain experts' inputs as part of long-running decisions. Enabling human actors to adjust, change and override decision outcomes when necessary.

Model and Execute the End-to-End Process

Process Flow Orchestrator: Visually Drag-and-Drop all Steps of the Business Process

Using the Process Flow Orchestrator you can model all of the steps of your process. Any step can be part of the model:

  • Access Files and Folders (local or server).
  • Retrieve data from different databases.
  • Call services using REST or SOAP.
  • Send notifications and create tasks.

Model and execute CalculationsConditionsDecision PointsLoops and Iterations without needing programming skills using our unique graphical user interface.

Create custom tasks and actions. Process and route dynamically.


Workflows take Months to Complete!

Long Running Workflow – Human Interaction: Task Assignment, Escalation and Collaboration

Workflows are not just any process flow! They may take weeks and even months to complete. They will have multiple Actors (i.e. Participants) working and collaborating together to complete just one step (e.g. Task) in the process. A task might have an owner and manager for escalation purposes or in order to be timed-out!

Out of the box, FlexRule Workflow Engine supports all of that and more. Tasks can be assigned sequentially or in parallel to individuals or groups of actors at runtime.

The Robots that can Make Decisions

Build and Deploy more Capable and Smarter Robots

Robots should not only be able to scrape user interfaces and understand how to interact with applications and systems by navigating UI. But, they should also be able to automate your decisions with these smart robots that can follow regulatory laws and compliance when they need to work in a dynamic, regulated environment.

FlexRule’s robotics technology, Decision Robotics, allows you to deploy smarter robots that have a knowledge and understanding of human experts in regulated environments.

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RPA features

What Can Traditional Robotics Automate?

What Can a Robot do? Build a Robot that Can Actually Work

Not all systems provide modern service endpoints or data integration capabilities. With robots mimicking human actions such as connecting to systems, logging in, filling forms, extracting data, and moving files it becomes possible to integrate all legacy systems into your process automation.

Major Human Repetitive Tasks

  • Fill in Forms
  • Log in
  • Open/Send Emails and Attachments
  • Scrape a Website
  • Make Calculations
  • Extract Data from Files
  • Read from and Write to Databases
  • Connect to Systems and Applications
  • Post to Social Networking Sites
  • Move Files and Folders

OCR in Process Automation

Say Goodbye to Manual Data Entry and Welcome Automation and Accuracy!

Now you extract accurate data by transforming textual images and material into digital text. You can use OCR as a part of the flow and use the extracted data for making decisions.

FlexRule OCR extends Google Tesseract, an OCR library with higher accuracy, performance, and compatibility –

  • Ensures 99.8-100% accuracy as it uses machine learning
  • Supports various types of image file formats such as PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Supports low-resolution images processing with high accuracy
  • Transfers image to searchable PDF in seconds
  • Advanced inspections of paragraphs, lines, words, characters, etc.
  • Retrieves customized output omitting backlisted characters
Making Robots More Effective

Making Robots More Effective

Decision Robotics: Decision-Centric Robotics can Adapt to Changes more Effectively and Efficiently

Static robots are good but not that effective. Robots should make decisions and follow business rules if they want to work in a dynamic environment. Our technology enables your robots to become more effective and engaged with processes.

  • Business Rules and Decisions: Build flexible and dynamic robots that can handle hundreds of thousands of exceptions and conditions. Build robots with scalability and maintainability in mind.
  • Predictive Analytics: Help bots make better decisions by giving them the ability to access multiple data sources, look at them in a single view and predict the future of how to process and what to process as they get trained to be smarter by doing their job day after day.
  • Long-running Workflows: Build complex processes and workflow automations. Long-running workflows might take weeks or months to complete and they require input from both humans and robots to complete tasks.

Interview with CDO of Minter Ellison

Watch how Minter Ellison is driving intelligent automation with Decision Robotics.

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FlexRule Solutions for YOUR Business

End-to-End Decision Management Suite

  • Business Decisions
  • Business Rules
  • AI Orchestration
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
  • Data Adapters and Connectivity
  • Data Integration and Operations
  • Native Cloud Serverless
  • On-Prem Deployment and Management
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FlexRule Solutions for YOUR Business

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End-to-End Decision Intelligence Platform

  • Business Decisions
  • Business Rule Designer
  • Decision Model and Notation (DMN)
  • AI Orchestration
  • Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)
  • Data Adapters and Connectivity
  • Data Integration and Operations
  • Native Cloud Serverless
  • On-Prem Deployment and Management

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