Healthcare & Life Sciences

Deliver great patient experience while increasing your profitability with Advanced Decision Management Suite

Claim Processing

Simplify the process of managing thousands of rules for approving coverage and calculating deductibles / excess

Medical Billing

Various payer policies make for a complicated billing process, which can be simplified for prompt and accurate payments.


In health and life sciences, data is typically transformed as it is passed from one computer system or software to another, which needs to be usable by human users.

Foster innovation

Grow revenue channels by developing new products and responding faster to customers’ needs

Improve patient journey

Enhance quality of care through real-time data and analytics

Electronic Health Record

Enforce Electronic Health Record standards and enable transferability of records to different health care systems

Improve patient outcomes

Free up staff by automating clinical processes, while increasing patient volume and retention

Reduce Costs

Free up staffs time with automating clinical processes, while increasing patients volume and retention

Sked24 Optimizes and Transforms Patient-Healthcare Provider Interactions.

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