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Everest Group Recognises FlexRule For
Decision Automation

FlexRule is included in Everest Group Report on Enterprise Process Orchestration.

Drive Digital Transformation with End-to-End Decision Automation

From small to large, all the enterprises can drive ambitious digital transformation by bringing all the aspects of business: people, rules, data, and processes, together. Automating operational decisions, end-to-end using Decision-Centric Approach® capacitates organisations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business operations and deliver value to customers. This is of paramount importance in achieving the desired outcome of digital transformation.

Introduction to End-to-End Decision Automation

End to end decision automation efficaciously implements all the four stages of developing and managing operational decisions: 1) observe, 2) orient, 3) decide, and 4) act to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of complex operational decisions, while enabling organisations to adapt to constant changes in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

End-to-End Decision Automation:
Creating a Synergy of Process, Data, People and Rules

End-to-End Decision Automation:
Creating a Synergy of Process, Data, People and Rules

Transforming an Organisations's Ability
to Sense and Deliver Necessary Changes Across All The 3 Sources of Change

Market Dynamics and Volatility
Deliver highly personalized products and services, and new offerings incorporating necessary configurations
Policies and Regulations
Fully comply with changing regulations, policies and law that govern business operations
Data and Information
Integrate massive amounts of data in many forms and shapes in and out with legacy and modern systems

Enable Organisations to Consistently Make

FlexRule's End to end Decision Automation Platform
– A Powerful Road Ahead for Organisations of Tomorrow

Orchestrating Both Long-running and Transient Decisioning Orchestrating Both Long-running and Transient Decisioning
Helps build a context for decision automation; and build, modify, deploy and execute complex long running decisioning (with human intervention) or transient decisioning (with decision robotics) based on the changing requirements of decisions made in day-to-day business operation.
Focusing on Operational Decisions and Managing Them ExplicitlyFocusing on Operational Decisions and Managing Them Explicitly
Uses Decision-Centric Approach®, organisations can make customer-centric, situation-aware, and optimised decisions. Models and manage decisions and their relationships or dependencies explicitly.
Putting Data and Analytics into ActionPutting Data and Analytics into Action
Helps connect to volumes of data, fragmented and locked away in disparate systems and applications, validates business rules to ensure data quality. FlexRule's data Integration capabilities not only offers descriptive and diagnostic analytics but predictive analytics and allows creating prescriptive model for the predicted situations.
Measure and Monitor Operational DecisionsMeasure and Monitor Operational Decisions
The end-to-end view of operational decisions let's organisations measure, reconfigure, and monitor their effectiveness and outcome; and optimise them based on different situations.

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