Business Rules Platform with .Net Rule Engine

Business Rules Platform with .Net Rule Engine

Business Rules Platform with .Net Rule Engine

.Net Rule Engine – .Net Core, and .Net Framework
Execute your business rules via .Net Core – Standard 2.0; In-Proc and Service Layer

In-Proc Execution

Model your business rules in Decision Table, Natural Language and Tree/Sub-Tree to make them easier to understand with everyone.

Then you can execute them right within your .Net Platform. i.e. WPF, WCF, WinForm, Web, Azure Function, AWS Lambda…


.Net core rule engine allows execution of business rules everywhere. Simply embed the powerful and flexible .Net Business Rule Engine into your application and run the business rules anywhere, anytime.

REST API – Service Layer

Use the centralise business logic (rules, decisions…) service that allows you to have a reusable business logic repository as a single source of truth and execute them via REST API call.

Ready to use, .Net SDK for REST communication allows you simple and seamless integration into any .Net application.


Or you have an option of calling the REST API End point directly using your own client.

Model and Execute Business Rules: Model Business Rules in multiple methods

Point and Click

The simple, yet powerful methods to model business rules. This ensures business rules are well structured and are understood with everyone in the team.

  • Decision Table
  • Natural Language
  • Tree and Sub-Tree

This visual editor will take care of everything. Rich and customizable API to manage parameterspropertiesbusiness glossary


Debug and Step Through: Visually debug and step through details in action

Advanced Debugging and Simulation

The advanced authoring environment for business rules allows you to provide data as the input and execute the business rules visually. The state-of-art debugging capability enables you to visually step into individual rules and validate every value in the execution context.

Provide the input and output and write tests, use input for simulation and debugging purposes and much more… all visual, no black box experience.

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