Flexible Deployment Options

In the cloud, or On-Prem; Docker Container, Serverless, VM.

Serverless Decision Service with Decision-as-a-Function

Scaling Decision Services without the Worry of Infrastructure Made Possible.

You can manage decision services and the entire ecosystem of decisions with greater agility and focus on what matters the most to the business. Decision-as-a-Function enables you to deploy decision automation models as a REST API without any DevOps efforts.

  • Scale automatically based on the load for execution without the need to pre-configure machines and servers, and manual installation
  • Deploy and expose decisions as REST API endpoints straight to a cloud provider such as Azure and AWS
  • Deploy and extend decision functions iteratively and gradually with running multiple versions side-by-side

Cross Platform, Technology and Device

Multiple Deployment Options including Windows, Linux, Cloud and Serverless

Single Machine

FlexRule Simple Deployment

Install FlexRule Server and one Agent node on a single PC to get started.

Ideal for development and testing environment

Distributed Cloud or On-Prem

FlexRule Cloud Deployment

Host FlexRule Server in the Azure Web App Service and run multiple FlexRule Agent nodes to scale up your operations.

Scalable, available with fault tolerance for high load scenarios

Full Serverless

FlexRule Serverless Deployment

Run a completely serverless deployment in AWS that eliminates managing infrastructure and scales seamlessly.

Single Click Deployment to Build a Decision-as-a-Service Platform.