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Cool Vendor 2018
in Information Innovation

Cool Vendors 2018: Technologies and Business Come Together to Solve Hard Problems

cool vendor 2018

Gartner: Companies increasingly need smart vendor solutions to solve both nuanced and broad-ranging problems. Finding the right use-case scenarios is more critical than ever. CIOs must seek the standout vendors and learn how Cool Vendors can provide them with unique solutions.

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Cool Vendor List 2018

Analysis by Andrew White

Who Should Care: Data and analytics leaders, such as CDOs. Also, any business or IT leaders who want to understand the business decisions they are taking before giving permission to the IT organization to acquire more data and/or analytics solutions.

How Can We Help?

FlexRule decision-centric approach brings People, Data, Processes and Rules into a unified platform to deliver real business values.

Ensuring Business Decisions Alignment

Business Decisions have the most impact on your organisation’s business values. Yet companies have no way to model, execute and manage business decisions. That alone means organisations cannot ensure their spending is focused on the right projects with a guarantee of significant impact.
How do you ensure your teams are working on projects that are correctly aligned with business decisions?

Increasing Business Agility

Business and Market conditions change due to external and internal forces. Companies going through massive and expensive processes must catch-up with changes to regulations, tax reform, pricing, eligibility, etc.
How fast can your organisation respond to change?

Enabling Superior Customer-Centric Engagements

In any industry (i.e., health, finance, etc.), customers and consumers make certain demands that must be met consistently. Your organisation can outperform the competition only if you are able to provide personalised products or services to these customers. This mass personalisation is your competitive edge.
Is mass personalisation of consumer engagement feasible for your company?

What does this all mean to Your Business?

We will work with you to identify the most verdant areas of your business and help you to envision how that will look like with FlexRule when:

  • You can respond to changes without any unnecessary delay
  • You can innovate and deploy and deliver value on transient business opportunities
  • You can ensure the alignment of your spending with business decisions in order to deliver what matters most for your business

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