hMetrix uses Predictive Models and FlexRule to improve Patient HealthCare

With the pressure on Healthcare continuing to increase every day it is critical that patients receive the best and most effective treatment plan possible. This is good for the patients as well as the healthcare providers as it provides the best care, while reducing costs.

hMetrix collects data from multiple sources across the Health Care Industry. This data is prepared and analyzed by their data scientists to create predictive models of treatment plans. These models follow the best practice of the top healthcare practitioners to deliver the highest possible quality care. This is the realization of evidence-based medicine.

The success of evidence-based medicine is the rise of data-based decision making par excellence. It is decision making based not on intuition or personal experience, but on systematic statistical studies. It is Super Crunching [Data Analytics] that reversed conventional wisdom and found that beta blockers can actually help patients with heart failure. It is Super Crunching that showed that estrogen therapy does not help ageing women. It is Super Crunching that led to the 100,000 lives Campaign.

Ian Ayers “Super Crunchers”

Nurses use the hMetrix System to enter in the patient assessment details. The hMetrix System uses the predictive models to provide the most effective treatment plan. This removes the guess work, the gut feel diagnosis and provides a recommendation plan which has effectively been created by the best of the best doctors. This is a very important step in providing the optimum healthcare for patients. Doctors are able to adjust the care plan based on their experience and knowledge of the patients which builds on the efficacy of the recommendations.

FlexRule is used in turning the predictive models into operational processes to create the recommended healthcare plans. Behind the scenes there are many different decisions to be made each requiring hundreds, if not thousands, of rules. It is FlexRule’s capability in handling these complex groups of decisions in a manageable, simple way that allows hMetrix to deliver the recommendation treatment plans.

However, more is needed to be done to ensure the best care is provided. Actions like prioritizing which patients to see next, who will need to stay more than four days, which additional specialists need to be consulted, down to what paperwork needs to be completed before the patient can go home.
Streamlining the end to end experience for the patient improves the outcomes, enables high levels of satisfaction and reduces costs. Today, hMetrix with FlexRule uses the latest technology of predictive modelling, data analytics and decision automation to deliver the highest possible healthcare for patients.

Published August 22nd, 2019 at 01:53 pm