Why do Organizations Need Data Democratization?

One of the challenges in an organization is how operation and business leaders can access different operational databases and build queries to access the required data to make decisions.
Accessing data and writing safe queries requires technical skills which make operational and business leaders highly reliant on IT to access data and make the use of data for decision making. Let's take a look at how data democratization can address this challenge.

Data democratization facilitates organizations the ability of data accessibility to a user with no technical data and analytics skills and use it appropriately for quality decision-making.

In this blog post, we will see data democratization in action. Here. we have demonstrated how data access can be configured and customized using business rules. This approach enables business rules to create a dynamic query and fetch required data without having the database and query writing skills.

In the latest version of our platform, we aim to make accessing data and writing queries available to everyone allowing operation and business leaders to access and build queries visually with ease.

Introducing the Visual Query Builder

Writing a query requires carefully understanding the database structure, the relation between tables, and translating what view of data is needed to a SQL syntax.

The Visual Query Builder provides a visual user interface to construct SQL queries using Tables and Views.

Data Query

By simply dragging and dropping tables and views, the query builder not only understands the structure that allows you to simply select the field you need, but also, understands the relation between them, and enables you to navigate to the next table or view.

The Visual Query Builder also allows:

  • Selecting tables and views
  • Building complex joins between tables
  • Managing and building query parameters
  • Filtering and shaping the output results set
  • Previewing the result set

Filtering and Previewing Data

The query builder also allows you to build complex manual joins and filter for your query.

And a flexible data preview is just one click away, allowing you to get the feeling of what the data result looks like.

So you can simply refine and edit your query visually until you achieve what you need to create from the data.

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Making decisions and certainly automating them requires accessing operational data by writing complex SQL queries and requires technical and database skills. However, these data are needed by operational and business leaders and the requirements of what is needed from data is a moving target, therefore constantly asking developers and IT to make a set of data available for different purposes every day is not possible. Data democratization gives these leaders access to data anytime without any obstacles and understand it in an efficient way. This, in turn, enables them to not only use it in decision-making but also expedite it effectively and efficiently.

Visual Query Builder closes this gap and puts the data in the hands of operation and business leaders by allowing them to build complex SQL queries visually. This empowers operation and business leaders to quickly and safely access the data they need, whenever they need it!

Last updated January 20th, 2022 at 04:01 pm, Published January 19th, 2022 at 04:01 pm