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Everything started with a drive to solve a real business problem – the gap between business operations and supporting solutions, processes, and information systems in organizations to deliver customer outcomes.
FlexRule was founded to help companies improve effectiveness and efficiency of operational decisions, that are influenced by infinite and frequent changes in data, process and rules in regulated environments.

Today, FlexRule is the leading provider of both end-to-end decision automation technology and the decision-centric approach, as its methodology to guide organizations through the journey of adapting to changing business requirements with effective and efficient decision automation solutions.

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Empowering Organizations to Make Optimised, Customer-centric, and Situation-aware Decisions

Our vision is to empower all the leaders – business, technology, and operations leaders to automate and manage decision effectively and efficiently and unleash organizations from traditional way of functioning to becoming a Decision-centric organization.
Arash Aghlara
FlexRule CEO

20+ Industries Use FlexRule
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20+ Industries Use FlexRule


Customer Success is Our Passion!

Our happiness is defined by helping our customers through-out their journey of digital and decision transformation, and delivering desired business outcome with the full support of high-performing and talented team.
Golnoosh(Goli) Tajadod
VP of Customer Success, FlexRule

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FlexRule Technology and Approach

FlexRule™ Advanced Decision Management Suite, an end-to-end decision automation platform – learn more about the unique capabilities that sets FlexRule apart.
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