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Check values, scopes, results in history and output window

  • Step-By-Step

    Run rules and logic step-by-step and check the impact of every rule`s command on output or trace screen.

  • Feeder

    Provide values to logic and rules input parameters using Data Composer Visually, code implementation or a Procedural logic.

  • Values or Feedback Messages

    Watch values and messages in any scope and any step of execution or testing scenarios.


Rules and Logic Tester is a plugin that extends Designer functionality. The Tester allows you to build a testing scenario and feed different set of data and assert on the expectations:

  • Build a hierarchical test case
  • Group testing scenarios into sections
  • Assert on values or messaging expectations
  • Run a selected set of tests and assertions
  • View the test run result for either failed or successful test with details


Rules and Logic debugger is a plugin that extends Designer functionality. By configuring the Debugger to pick installed version of Runtime then Designer allows you to:

  • Walk through all steps of ¬†rules and logic visually
  • Highlights the current logic is begin executed by debugger
  • Logs the execution of the rules and logic
  • Shows all the parameters (Input, Output and Type) in the execution context
  • Check notification and notices during execution of rules