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Cross Platform, Technology and Device

Manage and Execution Your Business Rule and Decision

FlexRule Server is a state-of-art business rule and decision server. It will enables you to manage and execute decision modules. You can simply deploy them on a centralized server and allow all platforms, technologies and devices communicate to business rule and decisions.

FlexRule Business Rule Server let’s you to:

  • Manage business rule and decision packages via versioning and metadata
  • Host multiple versions of a decision as service – REST API
  • Promote decisions and rules to different environment spaces
  • Schedule different versions of a decision for execution
  • Execute and Manage business rule and decision using an intuitive Web API
  • Track and Monitor whole set of events for Management and Performance
  • Manage Environmental Settings (e.g. db connection string) per decision package
  • Authenticate using OAuth for agents and users
  • Control Role based Access permissions and Ownership of different scopes(packages)
  • Administrate, test and monitor business rule and decisions using a Web Admin Interface or automate the action using Web API
  • Scale and deploying multiple instances of services to guarantee availability and response time
  • Use self-host capability and run servers with no need to other external services (e.g. IIS)

FlexRule Workbench

A Responsive Web-based Administration and Monitoring Console

Workbench is a responsive administration and monitoring web-based application for your business rule and decision server.

Workbench allows you to:

  • Monitor Business Rule Server, Database and Execution Agents for health status
  • Manage your central rule and decision repository
  • Manage roles and permissions for different activities of system. E.g. Execution, Decision Update, Package Delete…
  • Control packages ownership to support big team, complex scenarios with different access settings to different parts of central repository
  • Enroll multiple instances of execution services
  • Upload decision packages containing multiple versions of decisions
  • Test a deployed decision on the web to make sure it is ready for your production requests
  • Use self-host capability to run Workbench with no need to any other external services (e.g. IIS)
  • Control your servers anywhere by having a responsive design

Single Click Deployment to Build a Decision-as-a-Service Platform using Business Rule Server.