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Workflow Engine


orkflow is designed to support long running processes with instance lifecycles governed by the activity of human users or external systems. The activities in a workflow may be performed in other systems, or be physical activities independent of any system that are confirmed by input. Therefore workflow execution must at some point pause until an external event, usually triggered by some user interaction or system event, advances the workflow.
The primary goal of a human workflow is to automate business processes to minimize or eliminate the interval spent waiting between human activities, and therefore increases productivity.

Our workflow engine is designed to easily support automatic and semi-automatic workflow such as:

  • Documents and entities driven workflow
  • Collaboration workflow


To model decision tables you can use:

Workflows Are Just Easier To Understand Visually.

  • Manual or Semi-Automatic

    With workflow engine your application can handle all sort of long running business processes.

  • External Events and Signals

    Your workflow can be resumed by receiving a named signal or event from outside word.

  • Advanced States

    Advanced control on a workflow is possible via managers to handle Pre-Start and Post-End state of workflow for data consistency

  • Still a Flow

    All the functions and features of a generic flow still is supported.

  • Ownership and locking for distributed workflow
  • Custom data consistency and event handling
  • SQL Server support to storing internal workflow data and state
  • Monitoing workflow database automatically to manage expired activities
Listener Nodes

Listener are special types of Split and Join nodes that are having a scoped lane life-cycle

  • Split Listener
  • Join Listener
Receiver Nodes
  • Action
  • Timeout

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