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Decision Table


ecision tables are a precise yet compact way to model complicated logic. Decision table allows executing a model that rules and logic are expressed in a tabular form. Decision tables provide a systematic way of stating complex business rules, which is useful for developers as well as for domain experts, business analysts and testers. Instead of algorithmic approach to implement a logic that has multiple if-then-else, decision table can be used to make the logic modelled and implemented in a very declarative form.

A very classic example of a decision table is a tax table that shows how much tax must be applied on what part of an income.

Decision tables are efficient and simple way to model and execute business rules. Model and execute any simple, complex or hierarchical business rules.


To model decision tables you can use:

Do You Like To Visually Model, Execute and Test Your Decision Table?

  • Simple to Understand

    Everyone in the team understands it: Developer, Business Analysts, Domain Experts and Business Owners...

  • Easy to Model

    Use spreadsheets programs to model the logic: MS Excel, Google Doc...

  • High-Level language and API

    Use XML based language to model Decision Table or use builder to do it programmatically.

  • No Excel Application Needed

    When logic is modeled using MS Excel, it can be loaded and executed independently.


In Decision Table variable and type parameters are allowed. There is no limitation on defining parameters in procedural rules. A procedural rule may have Input, Output and Local parameters of any CLR or custom type/class as many as it requires.

  • Code programmatically using a builder
  • Xml language
  • Spreadsheet applications e.g. MS Excel, Google Document, …
  • Your applications grid view. E.g. WinForm or ASP.NET Grid…
Advanced Cell Benaviour
  • Multiple values can be presented in one cell of table
  • Empty cells for optional conditions
Evaluation and Expressions
  • Advanced expressions can be used as conditions: Calling methods and passing values, accessing properties…
  • Actions can call to a method or set a value of variables

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