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Making Humans More Effective

Repetitive Tasks and Activities

Build a Digital Workforce to take care of the Repetitive Jobs

What are the business outcomes & benefits of RPA?

RPA allows mimicking the human actions in order to automate tasks and activities. Jobs will be queued and processed by the robots (“bots”) quicker and more accurately.


  • Error Reduction: Manual tasks are error-prone and if they are repetitive there is a higher probability of getting more and more inaccuracy and with less expected quality. Once they are automated, the error rates will decrease significantly.
  • Faster Service: Utilizing RPA in repetitive tasks reduces the completion time which ensures the faster service to the end-user. Robots do the job faster and they don’t need to rest.
  • Increased Productivity: Employees will have less tedious tasks to do and will have more time to focus on what they are paid to do in their expertise.


  • Cost Reduction: Considering the increased productivity, quality and accuracy, RPA implementation will reduce the operation cost in your organisation.
  • Standardization: Automation of tasks brings more standardization in place. Rather than doing a task in many different ways, all robot will do the task in the same way.
  • Speed to Deployment: Small incremental benefit from adaption of RPA is to be expected, which cannot see in the long-time automation of a BPM.
  • Catalyst for Application Modernization: Adaption of RPA will buy more time for legacy systems’ modernization initiatives. It will allow them to be integrated into organisations processes using robots.

Integrating Legacy Systems

No time to Modernize your Legacy Systems to Allow Data and Action Integration?

What can RPA Automate?

Not all systems provide modern services endpoints or data integration capabilities. With robots mimicking the human actions such as connecting to systems, logging in, filling forms, extracting data, moving files and etc. it becomes possible to integrate all Legacy Systems into your process automation.

Major human tasks that can be automated

  • Fill in Forms
  • Log in
  • Open/ Send emails and attachments
  • Web Scraping
  • Make calculations
  • Extract Data from Files
  • Read and write databases
  • Connect to Systems and Applications
  • Posting to Social Networking Sites
  • Move Files and Folders

Making Robots More Effective

Static robots are good but not that effective. Robots should make decisions and follow business rules if they want to work in dynamic environment. Our technology enables your robots become more effective and engaged with the processes.

  • Business Rules & Decisions: Build flexible and dynamic robots that can handle hundreds of thousands of exceptions and conditions. Building robots with scalability and maintainability in mind.
  • Predictive Analytics: Helping the Bots to make better decisions by giving them ability to access multiple data sources, look at them in a single view and potentially predict the future of how to process and what to process as they get more trained by doing their job day after day.
  • Long-running Workflow: Build complex processes and workflow automation. Long-running workflow might take weeks and months to complete and they require input from both Human and Robots to complete the task in a long-running workflow.

Interview with Gary Adler,
CDO of MinterEllison Organisational impact of FlexRule implementation


  • Our existing rules engine was difficult to manage and extend to meet our growing customer requirements. We looked at several BRE products in the .Net space; none matched FlexRule’s capabilities or value... This is hands-down the best BRMS to-date and Pliant’s product support has been outstanding.

    Joe Loyd
    Joe LoydSystem Architect
  • FlexRule has been a great addition to our software by providing an enterprise class business rule and workflow engine. FlexRule various business rule evaluation engines are easy to use and extend...

    Majd Alkassem
    Majd AlkassemSenior .Net Developer
  • ...Pliant's customer service experience was always above and beyond given we were in the US and Pliant is based out of Melbourne...Their FlexRule product is extremely well documented and truly you couldn't ask for a better partnership in feature requests...

    Josh allen
    Josh allenIT Director at Denver Public Schools
  • ... Pliant have been and continue to be a great partner. [They are] extremely responsive and knowledgeable and helpful regard BRE and process flows. [Their] feedback and assistance has helped us implement the FlexRule product into our platform and we are pleased with the outcome. The FlexRule product is a great product that grows everyday...

    Jason Rosenberg
    Jason RosenbergHealthcare Technologist and Executive