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Bots are Trained, Reused and Deployed to do the Job

Software robots or Bots automate things like data entry and user interface navigation. They cut costs, eliminate keying errors, speed up processes and link applications.

Map the process for your robots visually, simply by drag and drop. The “bots” pick the available job and finish them without any questions asked. No programming skill is required.

Deploy the army to do your task by a single click. Once the job is done the report is sent to you.

Bots can interact with User Interface (i.e. Web, HTML, Excel) and they perform tasks like human does. The can be used unattended and attended mode.

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Scale to Success

Scaling Automation Requires more than just a “Bot”

Business Decisions and Rules

The bots that are doing the job, require to be prescribed with the business rules. Successful RPA models define how operational business decisions can be made and let the bots take those decisions based on regulated rules.

Bots will require to make decisions, and these are operational business decisions that should be monitored and measured to ensure the quality and success of job.

Data and Service Integration

Bots will need to read emails, connect to databases, call services and gather information from all over places.
Data Integration and Processing will need to be part of the automation in order to scale and success.

Bots need to process structured and unstructured data from multiple data sources. Infer information based on the captured data with regards to policies.

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RPA Demo Schedule