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Flexible library that allows you to define your business rules, decisions, and flows and Execute them. This support many different business logic type i.e. validation, calculation, decision, flow, workflow, inference…
Use the Business logic, rules, decisions, flows to simplify the modeling and execution of business logic. Do not hard code your business rules!

Our advanced authoring tool allows you to visually model your business rules, decisions and flows. Test and simulate the execution. Refine and validate business rules and finally package and deploy them to your environments. FlexRule Designer has visual editor for all Decision Table, Decision Tree, Flow, Decision Model and Notation (DMN), Natural Language and other business logic types. It also provides a set of web (JavaScript) components to allow you integrate rule authoring into your web interface.

Do you need a single source of truth for your business rules and decisions that can be accessible in all platforms, technologies and devices? FlexRule Server allows you to execute and manage business rules and decisions using a REST Web API. You can simply deploy, execute and manage business rules and decisions using FlexRule Server for your SOA platform.

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Benefits of Using Our Products

Development Team Benefits

Organizational Benefits

  • Reduce complexity of application code-base and enforce effective use of separation of concerns by using our business rule engine
  • Increase quality of application by allowing to write less code and increase testability by ability to test rules and logic in isolation
  • Using our business rule engine increase reusability of rules and logic within application and across enterprise
  • Improve deployability by packing and protecting rules and logic and enhance security by controlling and sandboxing object-level invocation using our dynamic business rule engine
  • Achieve real business agility by allowing change of application’s behaviour on-the-fly with no code re-compilation in production environment
  • Close gap between technical and nontechnical people by ease of implementation of complex business rules and application logic using more declarative style
  • Increase visibility of business rules and application logic by maintaining IP of your organization outside of application complex code-base and delegate execution to our business rule engines
  • With our business rule engine increase maintainability of application and reduce costs of running your product in long run
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