End-to-End Decision Automation

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations by implementing the Full Decision Cycle using Decision-Centric Approach.

When, Where and Why to Use the Advanced Decision Management Suite?

What criteria? What Industries?

3 Sources of Change

Millions of operational decisions are made every day in businesses. The quality of decisions directly influences the quality of business operations which are impacted by the three sources of change.

Market Volatility

Dynamics of market change by customer demands. It will put pressure on your company to provide highly customised products and services to remain competitive.

Policy & Regulation

Internal and External policies and regulation changes and govern how you can provide your product and services and how you can interact with your internal and external stakeholders.

Data and Information

The impact of the changes will influence how you use any data. Where you grab the information and how integrate with different systems. Therefore the change will cascade down to system level and data.

When not to use a Traditional Approach?

When business operations are impacted with 3 sources of change then Operation Decisions need:

  1. A lot of data and diverse kinds of data.
  2. Reusable decision logic that is frequently modified.
  3. Traceable and auditable decision making.
  4. Trade-offs among competing goals.
  5. Multiple decisioning scenarios acting together as a whole.

What is the Advanced Decision Management Suite for?

Enables you to adapt into changes to all the areas related to 3 sources of change effectively and efficiently.

image/svg+xml Business Rules Management System(BRMS) Business RulesEngine (BRE) Modeling Tool(i.e. Editor) Repository with Versioning Decision Management Suite(DMS) DecisionModeling Analytics Advanced Decision Management Suite(ADMS) Data Integrationand Processing Statefull and MultistepDecisioning Workflow and Process Orchestration DecisionRobotics

Why Advanced Decision Management Suite?

The Advanced Decision Management Suite enables you to respond to all three sources of the change effectively and efficiently by using the decision-centric approach. It reorients this traditional approach to ensure your company consistently make optimised, customer-centric and situation-aware decisions.

Process Orchestration

Robotics, Business Process, Workflow, Human Tasks…

Automate in Any Level!

Processes deliver the end to end flow of work. They are big part of our Business Logic Platform. This covers everything from Robo-Services, Applications, Business Events, Reporting to Transactional Systems. FlexRule can automate the end to end business processes using:


Automate from the user interface which how human work with applications.


Automate and execute Long Running business process and human interactions

Process Flow Orchestration

Model and Execute any dynamic and customized steps and actions

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Business Rules and Decisions Management

Dynamic, Hierarchical, Traceable Business Decisions


Decisions are More Than Just Business Rules!

Successful businesses know which decision to make and when. FlexRule provides the ability to handle the complexity of today’s decision making world. The outcome is a transparent set of agreed decision criteria that can be implemented fast and changed quickly.

Model Business Decisions

Use Decision Requirements Diagram to model hierarchical, dependent complex decisions

Inference Engine

Resolve dependency between business rules to find order automatically

Model Business Rules

Advanced and Dynamic Business Rule Engine to support: Natural Language, Decision table and Tree-Subtree

Multiple Environment

.Net, JavaScript and RES API

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Data Integration

ETL, Virtualization, Validation and Analytics

Read Any Data from Any Where!

With data is being created faster than ever, it has never been more fragmented. As organisations seek to be more customer centric they are finding their data locked away in disparate systems and applications. FlexRule’s Data Integration capability solves below use cases:


Connect to different data source and Extract, Transform and Load data

Data Virtualization

Build single view on top of multiple data source

Standard Data Exchange and Validation

Model how different scenarios should look at data.
And validate them when required in that context.

Predictive Analytics

Use our standard out-of-the-box algorithm, or create your own.

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