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What services do we provide?
Pliant Framework is a product and service company. As part of our commitment and to make sure you have good experience using our products we provide the following services:
  • Support
  • Training
  • Consulting
What does Training cover?
Training is sessions for training your team on specific syllabus that we provide to cover features and functionality a of FlexRule. Training is designed to follow a prepared syllabus in order to transfer the knowledge of using FlexRule to your team.

Training is not for solving your issues, consultation nor integration of a scenario to your implementation.

Training sessions can be on-site or online and can run for any groups of people. For more information please contact us at info@pliantframework.com.

What does Consulting cover?
Consulting service will be designed based on your requirement to tackle a specific problem, issue or need in your project such as:
  • Rules harvesting
  • Data and facts preparation and modeling
  • Rules, decisions and logic modeling and analysis
  • Integration and implementation of FlexRule
  • ...more...
For more information please contact us at info@pliantframework.com
FlexRule’s Business Value Licensing Approach
FlexRule’s guiding principle is to align business value in our licensing models for Customers, Partners and Start-ups and to make FlexRule’s licensing very simple and straight forward.

There are no per server, per developer, per user licensing requiring additional modules to be costed in, all of which often leads to costs spiraling out of control.
For FlexRule’s customers there is one single annual subscription.
Customer Licensing Model
For customers FlexRule’s licensing is based on a per end to end Business Process. The definition of a Business Process is quite broad to avoid additional costs through slicing and dicing of implementations.

The licensing includes for as many servers, developers and users as required for the end to end Business Process. It also includes maintenance, support and new version upgrades.

For more information on FlexRule’s per Business Process, per Year licensing please contact us at info@flexrule.com
Partner Development and Reseller Program
FlexRule provides the complete capability of FlexRule in our Partner’s Development Program with no upfront license fees. This allows our Partners to develop proof of concepts for their customers or their applications.

Once our Partners’ Customers have accepted the proof of concept the Customer licensing model, outlined above, is applied. This way business value is aligned between the Partner’s Customer, the Partner and FlexRule. We are all aligned in making the Customer’s project a success.

For Application Partners, instead of an upfront payment to FlexRule, we are able to offer a royalty program to spread the cost over the success of the application in the market. Again this creates business value alignment between our Partners and FlexRule. FlexRule will even cap the total amount of royalty fees once an agreed threshold is reached.

For more information on FlexRule’s Partner Program and a copy of our Reseller agreement please contact us at info@flexrule.com
Start-Ups Support Program
For Start-Ups FlexRule’s Support Program offers a risk-reward licensing model were there are no upfront licensing fees.

Licensing fees are structured similar to the Application Partner’s Program with the understanding that there is a greater level of uncertainty and risk. A cap on the fees can also be agreed which is balanced by the amount of risk FlexRule is being asked to take on.

For more information on FlexRule’s Start-Ups Support Program please contact us at info@flexrule.com
What is FlexRule?
FlexRule is #1 decision-oriented business logic platform empowering you to deliver Intelligent, Integrated Process Automation. FlexRule consists of different components allowing business to model, execute and manage processes end-to-end. With using FlexRule you can adapt to changes in more efficient way and reduce the time and costs of adapting into new changes. FlexRule provides solution for:
  • Business Rules and Decisions management
  • Process Automation; Workflow, Human interaction and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Data Flow and ETL automation
  • Integration layer
For more details please have a look at http://www.flexrule.com/solution

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