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A Complete Graphical Environment

Sketch Your Process, Decision, Flow, Data, Business Rules…

  • Drag & Drop

    Model different types of logic documents visually as simple as Drag and Drop.

  • Validate

    Validate any logic document to ensure they are correct semantically and structurally.

  • Advanced Editing

    Use properties window, intellisense, variable editor, scope editor... to easily apply changes to complex rules and logic.

  • Extend

    Simply extend the Designer behaviour, commands, templates and toolbox to fit your needs

Processes and Decisions

Model Process Flow, Workflow and Business Decisions

Workflow and Human Interaction - Loan Approval
Decisions Requirements Diagram - DRD
Rrobotic Process Automation (RPA)

Process Automation: Process Orchestration, Workflow, Robotics Process Automation (RPA)…

Data and Information

Modeling Data Structure, ETL and Data Sources

Facts Concept
Extract, Transform and Load - ETL
Advanced Interactive Shell

Data Integration: Connect to any Data Source, Model ETL, Data Flow, process and consume information.

Business Decisions and Business Rules

Express Business Rules clearly and Model Business Decisions

Natural Language - With Guiding Screen and Help
Decision Table
Tree and Sub-Tree for Complex Procedural Logic

Advanced Business Rule Engine (BRE) for for Modeling and Execution in Multiple Platforms.

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